Nico di Angelo

Nico's first appearance: The Titan's Curse.

It makes me so sad how Nico starts out as an innocent, adorable little boy who loves and jabbers about a geeky game.

He has no idea he is a half-blood.

He has no idea he's the son of Hades.

He's innocent, has his older sister, and has his nerdy game.

And then, Bianca goes to be a huntress for Artemis. Nico feels hurt, but still has his sister.

And as time goes on, this innocent, happy Nico is destroyed.

He loses his innocence.

He loses Bianca.

He realizes that his geeky little game is actually real, and extremely dangerous.

He becomes a shadow; a sad, broken-hearted soul who rarely smiles.

He goes from innocently asking Percy if he can surf really well, to promising Percy to take the others to the Doors of Death at the end of Mark of Athena.

Nico is a character who I have a special soft-spot for. He lost so much, and hurts so much.

He seems misunderstood, but really, he's probably one of the most understood and relatable characters in the books.

I love you, Nico.
(^ My favorite part with Nico in it :) )
(From The Battle of the Labyrinth


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