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Review: Paper Towns

Spoilers will be present.

My Rating: 8-8.5 / 10

So, I started reading Paper Towns on Sunday night. I read about half of the book and then went to sleep. I woke up today (Monday), drove to school and read. Then on my hour break before lunch I read some more. After I was finished with class and went back to campus since I stayed late for tutoring today, I finished the book while sitting in my car in the parking lot.

I could not put the book down. I was already contemplating life by the end of the prologue, on page eight of the book. Then the whole string metaphor pulled me further in on page 58.

This book is divided into three major parts (not counting the prologue). Each part is a metaphor that the main character Quentin or Q uses to help himself understand Margo Roth Spielgelman, his neighbor who has gone missing. The parts, in order, are The Strings, The Grass, and The Vessel. I won't be able to fully explain these and do justice to them because John Green books require rereading fo…

Review: Severed Tower

This is a review for The Severed Tower, the sequel to Midnight City. Spoilers present.

My rating: 9.5 / 10

So, I made a list of the things that happened while I was reading. The major ones or the ones I had reactions to are below, described by GIFs and still of Dan Howell, also known as danisnotonfire on YouTube. 

1. Holt and Mira and the incident with the Chance Generator on the top of the plane.