First Impressions: BLOOD RED ROAD and SYLO

~ This post contains spoilers of the sorts you can find on the back/flap of the book ~

A note: First Impression posts are meant to be able to read by anyone, ever. They will never contain spoilers past what is already available via the synopsis located on the back of the book (paperback) or the flap of the dust jacket (hardcover). That said, let the post BEGIN!

Following the completion of both 'Into the Still Blue' and 'Resist' this weekend, the time has come to start on a new batch of books. And just like I said, the next ones up are Blood Red Road and SYLO.

This one I've been kinda hesitant to read, to be honest. I've heard absolutely nothing bad about the book, so I figured I try a sample of it via Kindle. The writing style was so out-of-whack (more on that later) that I couldn't take more than a few pages of it. A year and a half later I sucked it up and tried it. 

The writing style takes inspiration, I think, from that of Mark Twain's 'Adventures of Huckleberry Finn'. That is, how the character says it is how it's written. 

And given it's in first-person, everything is written exactly how Saba (the protagonist) thinks it. Or says it. Or does it. 

It took quite a while to adapt to, mainly because there was a depressing lack of "


But once I managed to learn when characters were talking and not thinking to each other or something...

Out goes the awkward adapting, in comes the really awesome, really interesting story (thus far anyway lel)

And at one point Saba literally does the above GIF when she smells stew.
So yeah, gonna keep going with this one. 15% in and Saba's already on the same BA level as Katniss. Probably because crossbow logic. 

Aaand the other book I'm reading at the moment, SYLO. 

When someone tanks it in the first chapter you know you're in for a good read. That's my general philosophy, anyway. 

Not really. 

But still. 

This one's looking good. I'm like 50 or so pages in. Everything on the flap-info hasn't even happened yet and I'm like ajdsfhdskalhjfjdahsf what's next ajdfhkjahdfkjhdskfjhdsaf. 

So, yeah. 

- T


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