Review: Dualed

So, just finished Dualed by Elsie Chapman. There will be spoilers in this review.

My rating: 8 / 10

I won't do a summary for this book, so let's start.

Reason for my rating:
The book seemed almost like it's a stand-alone book. The ending didn't raise any unanswered questions and everything seems good. Before reading this, I knew there was already another book scheduled for release...I think it is going to seem very separate, not how a sequel should be. It wasn't completely new, I have read similar parts in other books.

West. I liked her because I think I act like her sometimes. I mean, it was getting a little tiring for West to keep pushing Chord away and stuff, but I think I didn't mind it that much because I sort of do that. The revelation of West towards the end of the book, when she stops running, seemed just too sudden. Up until that point, she was doing everything she could to avoid completing her assignment and then all of a sudden she figures everything out just like that. It was too rushed to me.

Chord. I know he was trying to help West, but tracking her was a bit creepy. I liked him and I felt so bad for him every time West would be sort of nice and them leave again. He was there to save her from being killed and fixed up her yeah, he's cool.

Chord and West. They love each other, you guys. I. Ship. It.

Luc. I liked him but I knew something was going to happen when he went into Chord's Alt's house. I told him not to go, but he didn't listen to me. See what happened?

They're aren't really that many characters to talk about...I'll just end with that then...

Oh, Amazon says that Divided, the sequel to Dualed, is going to be released May 27th. That's the same day as City of Heavenly Fire's release. Just thought you should know. May 27th is a big day.



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