Double-Completion, Exam Cycles, and Future

What is UP my fellow book people!?! Hope you're all having a good Valentine's Day if you do that kind of stuff, and if you don't I hope you're having a good Friday. Of course, this message will not apply in 4 hours and 40 minutes from the time I'm writing this paragraph.

The topics for this post about my life? The first ever 'Double-Completion' I've ever done, exam cycles, and some near-future book I'm going to be reading.

So, the 'Double-Completion'. If you're unaware of how my life functions (most of you are), I'm reading two books at the same time right now.

I've only been reading 'Still Blue' when I do the bikes at the gym. Which is typically Mon/Wed/Fri nights for an hour. Only not on Fridays when I go home. So it's been slow-going with that one. In fact, I started it around the same time I started Never Fade, which was a while ago. I started Resist just this week, and to be completely honest it has blown my expectations clear out of the water. I read the first book, Breathe, and enjoyed it enough to want the second one (obviously) but it wasn't really one of those books that sticks with you for a long time.

Resist though. After several chapters (by which I had been able to recall most of the characters and relationships they had with each other from Breathe) I was completely hooked.

Still Blue is amazing. But then again, I loved the first two books in the trilogy. Good to see the finale is raising the stakes and amping up the suspense.

I'm finishing them both this weekend. Maybe possibly expect posts on them. lol

SO EXAMS. I really hate how my exams are staged this Semester. It just needs to stop.

Last week I had Chem and Basic Reasoning [BR].

This week I had Circuit Theory [CT]

Next week I have another BR and Strength of Materials [SoM]

I think the week after that (last week of Feb) is free.

BUT THEN I have Linear Algebra and Chem.

By this time the next CT test will roll around.

Which leads to the next SoM test.

and another BR test.

All the exams, none on the same freaking day. Wonderful.


Upon double-completing Still Blue and Resist, I'll move on to SYLO, recommended to me by Jasmine and already in my possession. After that, the first book in the Lumatere... something. I can't remember the full name of it, but one of my friends has said multiple times it's good. [See: Can't shut up about it = good].

I actually found out I can read a 'paged' book on the gym bikes as easily as I can read from my Kindle... so I don't know if I'll double-read SYLO and Blood Red Road or just carry SYLO everywhere and blow through it in like a week, repeat until everything is done. I guess it just depends on how I feel, really. Kindle is much easier to take to the gym and easier to 'turn the page' [A poke as opposed to an actual turn] and I had to actually hold the book up when I was doing the bike because it was too fat to fit in the brackets that were clearly meant for books... so I might stick with the dual-reading. It's worked so far, so why not.




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