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Sarah Dessen = NO.

So, awhile back I wrote a post called "Sarah Dessen Curiosity" and it went a little something like this:

"So, throughout my middle school/high school years, I have observed many girls reading books by Sarah Dessen. I have always been vaguely interested, but never really acted upon it.

Now that I am back in my reading swing and have been pondering books to read, those books popped back up in my mind.

So, I did a little research, and found that Sarah Dessen has written 11 books, with her most recent one coming out this month.

So, I think I should finally let my curiosity carry me and check these books out!

Sarah Dessen's Books:

(in order from oldest to most recent)

1. That Summer (224 pages)
2. Someone Like You (281 pages)
3. Keeping the Moon (228 pages)
4. Dreamland (256 pages)
5. This Lullaby (345 pages)
6. The Truth About Forever (400 pages)
7. Just Listen (400 pages)
8. Lock and Key (432 pages)
9. Along for the Ride (432 pages)
10. What Happened to Goodbye (432 pag…

It's Beautiful!

So, I just got back from picking up my Infernal Devices books from my friend's house. I got them at the beginning of summer as a congratulatory gift to myself for completing my first year of college (a thinly veiled excuse to buy them haha). I read them in three weeks and then my friend asked to borrow them...she had them for two and a half months. And didn't finish them. 

What. How is that even possible? There's only three books. And they're SO good!

Anyway, as soon as I was in my car with them, I was talking to them:

"Oh my gosh, they're so beautiful." 
"They're still as good as new." 
"I missed you guys."
*At stoplight, looking at them in the passenger seat* "Oh my gosh, I missed you guys."

Yeah....and then I got home and ran upstairs to put them on my bookshelf next to my Maze Runner books. (My Nancy Drew books are now sitting on the floor of my room, bookshelfless.) They're so pretty, and shiny, and amazing. They were g…

Senior Year: Day 1& 2 :)

Hi my lovely book blogger friends :3

So, as you know, I have started school and I am a very busy Senior.

Which means my reading time is sliced extremely thin.

The reasons?

1. School from 7:55 am to 2:00 pm.
2. Homework = approx. 3-4 hours day
3. College apps.
4. Catechism class at church every Wednesday night.
5. Bible Study every Thursday night.
6. ACT on September 21st.


I will try my best to read as much as possible and keep this blog and vlog going~

I will come back soon and make a vlog about my classes and teachers VERY soon! So expect that :)

For now, I should get to bed.





Constantin will make a City of Ashes movie!!! Yay! A sequel! The movie definitely set up for the sequel, just as it should have....I'm excited!

In other news, the first teaser for Allegiant has been released! Why can't October come any sooner?!?



There is hope for the rest of the TMI movies!! Especially with City of Ashes due to start filming next month....hope!! $26.1 million worldwide during its opening weekend. Yeah. Good news, City of Bones is going to be released soon in other countries, hopefully generating more money because I want sequels!!! Ok, that's it...


Kissing Summer 2013 Goodbye

Well...this is it.

Today is my last day of summer.

My first day of Senior year is tomorrow.

I'm not sad that summer is over...I'm embracing it. But this summer was just so amazing...I feel so rested and ready for school, and that's a major win, because last year was just so BRUTAL.

I took two AP classes last year (AP US History and AP Composition) and I was put into Pre-Calculus.

Now, I've ALWAYS been TERRIBLE at math. I claim that I'm dyslexic with numbers and in love with words.

English has ALWAYS been my best subject; I have received several big awards for my English skills throughout my school career. I received an award for English last year and it was a huge honor since I was one out of 2,000+ chosen.

I absolutely loved AP Composition; my teacher and I already knew each other and we're practically best friends. I got a 5 on the AP Comp Exam (a 5 is the highest you can get on any AP Exam) and she took me out for Starbucks.

See, AP Comp wasn't what made…

City of Bones Movie

Oh. My. Gosh. I saw the City of Bones movie today. It's based off Cassandra Clare's book City of Bones, for those of you who might not know. It was AMAZING! It was a pretty good adaptation and even had a few book quotes in it. I was watching it and I think I was smiling most of the time (even in the serious parts) because:

1) I finally got to go see it.

2) It was so AMAZING! (I don't know if I mentioned that already...haha)

3) It was close to what happened in the book, with only a few things different.

Unfortunately, the movie so far has not made as much money as expected, so the sequel may be in danger...but it was such a good movie, I don't understand why it isn't doing well. I went with my mom's friend, who wanted to read the book but hadn't yet and she said it was a really good movie. Go see the movie, people!

And the Catching Fire trailer was one of the previews! I was jumping up and down in my's different to see it online and then to see it i…

Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt!


Angelfall Post (Spoilers bigger than the Sun are present)

Yaymanda wanted to 'know my thoughts' on Angelfall when I finished it. 

Well, here they are:

Okay, now for actual thoughts. Even though those GIFs do a good job of saying those thoughts. 
Overall: ... Wow. I knew this book was gonna be good, but it pretty grabbed my expectations and slammed them with a sledgehammer. This books has pretty much everything that makes a good book:
Likable characters: Check.  Dislikable characters: Check.  Good job of portraying the ruined world the book is set in: Definitely.  Freaks readers out to the point they cringe but NEED to keep reading: Oh, yeah.  Character development: Indeed.  Everything else I'm too lazy to list can go here. 
Okay. Assuming you watched Amanda's vlog about the book, you probably have already read it or just spoiled the entire thing for yourself, so I'll spare you plot details that you already know and jump right into the action. 
I really especially liked how the elements in the book looped around to haunt you later. I…

Celebrating 100+ Posts on Book Blog!!!


My Current Book Wishlist!




My Accomplished Reading Goal...and Future Readings >:)

Hi guys ;)

As I have previously mentioned, when I finished Angelfall, I accomplished my goal of reading 20 NEW books this summer alone.

My summer started on June 13th and is ending next Wednesday, August 28th.

This summer was EXTREMELY packed and busy, but I knew I would make time to read, blog, and vlog :)

And I was determined to accomplish my goal.

Today I read Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen (you probably saw my raving review), and that makes my book total 21 books read this summer and 31 books read in this entire year.

NOTE: As you know, I re-read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books this summer, so they aren't new books, but I count them as such because I haven't read them in YEARS. And I honestly forgot a lot of them, so I count them on my list :) And I didn't read the Heroes of Olympus books until this year. I discovered and read them at the very beginning of this year :) (March/April 2013). Plus, The Sun Also Rises was the book I was assigned to read for my …

WE'VE REACHED 100 POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all of you we have reached 100 POSTS and OVER 1,600 views so far!!!














This was my first Sarah Dessen book and I thought that it was just okay.

Halley is quite annoying. She is the typical sixteen year old: wants to break away from her mom, rebels, thinks her parents are annoying and embarrassing, blah blah blah.

Scarlett is somewhat okay. I found it brave of her to make the decision to keep the baby, but she then almost backed out when she went into labor. She really only cared about having to suffer the physical pain and she whined throughout her whole pregnancy. Her pregnancy was also extremely unrealistic (I've never been pregnant, but even I know how unrealistic it was). She was whiny, clingy, and just straight-up weird.

Macon. His name annoys the heck out of me, and he is a stupid character. How is he ev…

What's Going On!!??

Hi guys :)

So, let me give a little update about time and space and peoples.

So yesterday I finished Angelfall and gave it to Tyler to read, who planned to kill it (read it all) today. However, I just saw his status on Facebook and his post on here that he had insomnia last night
:( Boo...That stinks.

Last night he, me, his older brother, and our host Chinese student went out for ice-cream, chatting, and was a wonderful time :) However, when I got home, I went for a run...and had to SPRINT back due to TERRIBLE stomach pains.

See, I have an ADDICTION to milk.

Chocolate milk to be specific, but I just love milk itself. However, I have ALWAYS had a very sensitive stomach (I prefer the word 'tummy,' but that's not important XD). I have to be very careful about what I eat, and I have to take pills to control my stomach acid and I have to watch dairy consumption. I have not had ice-cream in a VERY long time...and after what happened last night, I don't think …