Review: Severed Tower

This is a review for The Severed Tower, the sequel to Midnight City. Spoilers present.

My rating: 9.5 / 10

So, I made a list of the things that happened while I was reading. The major ones or the ones I had reactions to are below, described by GIFs and still of Dan Howell, also known as danisnotonfire on YouTube. 

1. Holt and Mira and the incident with the Chance Generator on the top of the plane.

2. Ben kissing Mira and Mira not stopping him. Ben kissing Mira again, this time she pulls away. Ben suggesting that he and Mira leave and go to Severed Tower together.

3. Echo sacrificing himself to operate Northlift so the group can escape the Tesla cubes.

4. Zoey as the Scion/Prime/Apex.
 That is how I imagine Zoey feeling, although she doesn't...not that it was my reaction....

5. Ravan talking about her fear of wasting the time she has left with Mira in the missile silo.

6. Ben using the Chance Generator and killing half his team upon seeing Mira again at Polestar.


7. Mira and Ben at the Anvil.
Mira and Ben meet at the Anvil to destroy her Tone accelerating artifact and the Chance Generator, Ben ends up trapping Mira in a gravity void so he can use the Chance Generator to reach Severed Tower and save the world, says he loves her

8. Holt’s back story.
Menagerie leader Tiberius' adopted son, Archer in love with a girl who loved another guy, Tiberius ordered Archer to marry the girl, girl ran with the other guy. Holt and Mira were sent to bring them back. Holt is in the middle of getting his reward tattoo but couldn’t finish, so he left and saved the girl from Archer after killing him and leaves the Menagerie.

9. Mira’s back story.
 Mira had led some expedition at another anomaly, the Mixer or something. She had a plan but it failed killing most of the other kids, except Deckard and Echo. She was saved by Ben, and that's why most kids see her as an unworthy Freebooter.

10. Gideon saying wise old man stuff.

11. Holt's speech to get Mira's self-confidence up enough to get her to enter the Tower with Zoey.
"I know what happened to you here, but it doesn't matter," Holt said. "You're not that little girl anymore. I wish you could see yourself the way I do. You're the most amazing person in my life, and I try to live up to your example every day."
"You've always had it in you, you just never looked for it because you didn't believe it was there," he continued, forcing her to look back into his eyes when she tried to look away. "I've never believed in much, but I believe in you, Mira, and if you have any faith or trust left in me, if I haven't completely destroyed it all and burned it away, then trust me now. I believe in you. You can do this, and I know you will. I know it . . . because I know you."--pg 316

12. Gideon dying and joking.
 "Fight?" Ravan asked. "There's hundreds of walkers out there, you said so yourself!"
"Now . . . there are five less," Gideon answered."--pg 322

13. Mira realizes that Holt is the mirror that she saw in the dragon paper with Gideon because he makes her stronger for herself and he believes in her.

14. Max impaled by a walker leg. Holt injured and saved by Ravan who dragged him into a building, kissed him then was hit by plasma bolts.

15. Mira throws the plutonium and Zoey into the safe side after the Vortex, Mira dies (merged with Vortex), unprotected by the plutonium.

16. Zoey makes a choice to save the people in the Strange Lands, but sacrifices something else.

17. Holt and Mira. Just saying.

Okay, so they're not my OTP, I'm not actually sure I have one pairing that I like more than the others...

18. The ending.

And Tyler's realization that everybody died because Ben was using the Chance Generator. It makes sense now guys! It was his fault.

The only reason I gave the book a 9.5 was because Mira was always wondering why things couldn't be simple. It was really getting on my nerves. Look at the situation you're in. Would you expect things to ever even possibly be simple?

Overall, very good book! Can't wait until Valley of Fires' according-to-Amazon release of December 2nd!



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