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Review: Into the Still Blue

Last book in the Under the Never Sky trilogy. This book was really good. Can't say anymore because spoilers.

My rating: 9 / 10

Spoilers below.

I did not think that I would be able to dislike a character as much as a certain antagonist in The Mortal Instruments series, but I have to say, Sable comes really close. If you read this book, which I hope you did since you're reading this post, you know why.

All in all, the ending was really, really happy. The main characters all made it out alive, maybe somewhat emotionally damaged, but alive. Cinder, Reef, Gren, Kirra, and Hess are all dead though. (Not that I liked Kirra, but she didn't need to die.) The Outsiders, Dwellers, Horns, and Guardians are living together in Cinder, named for the boy who sacrificed himself to get through the wall of Aether. Perry killed Sable and gave up his Blood Lord title. Aria and Loran, her father, are together on the council, which governs the city. Perry and Roar are buddies again, and Roar is clos…

Review: Through the Ever Night

Second book in the Under the Never Sky series by Veronica Rossi. It was better than the first.

My rating: 8.5 / 10

Spoilers below.

The book begins with Aria going back to the Tides with Perry. Aria is planning to get Marked, only to find out part of the way through that Gray had poisoned the ink. Aria and Roar end up leaving the compound quietly to go get Liv and find out the location of Still Blue. Liv ends up dead and Sable and Hess are choosing some of their people to be evacuated to Still Blue. Perry accepts help from people that Sable sent, only to have them take Cinder to help the evacuees get through the wall of Aether that blocks Still Blue. Roar and Twig go to the Horns to get Cinder back. Aria and Perry go to Reverie to break out the people that Hess left behind. The Reverie refugees are brought back to the Tides, and it seems that there will hopefully be cooperation between the groups. Perry and Aria realize that Still Blue is located somewhere at sea and finally face the Tide…

Review: Under the Never Sky

This is going to be short because America's Got Talent is going to be on soon.

I finished Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi. I liked it but there were times where it felt too romance novel-y. 

My rating: 7.5-8 / 10

Spoilers below.

Overall, a very interesting world. A lot happened in this book. There was a lot of camping and traveling too. Aria is an Aud, someone Marked who is able to hear really well. She made a deal with Hess to find the Still Blue in exchange for Talon and Perry's safety. Perry is now the Blood Lord of the Tides after killing his brother, Vale. Perry and Aria have a thing, but there's the whole mixing blood "curse" since Perry is a Seer (enhanced sight) and a Scire (enhanced sense of smell).  Perry wants to find Still Blue so he can move his tribe there so they can be safer. We find that Vale had been selling kids to the Dwellers for their experiments and research in exchange for food, and that he had sold his own son while also directing blame…

Book Review: Mortal Instruments (Dark War arc)


Something that worried me when I was looking in to reading the last three Mortal Instruments books was that everyone was saying they suck harder than a three year old does on his thumb. Of course, that should be taken with a grain of salt because something I've realized over the past year or so is that people on goodreads tend to take something as small as a mustard seed and then make it seem as huge as freaking Jupiter. 

That said, I disregarded all those people and read the books over my family's traditional vacation. 

Which basically means I read all three of them in a week. 

Anyway, CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS seems to be the scapegoat here as it's really awkward in my opinion. It has more sidequests than a Heroes of Olympus book, and for the first good two thirds of it you have no idea where it's going. Not to mention that as some points, it seems like it's saying, "Hey, plot! Go take the back seat, it's time for canoodling in th…

Four: A Divergent Story Collection

I know, I just wrote a post today. I finished Four: A Divergent Story Collection in one day. No, I don't have a problem....

This won't be a review because this book is basically a few short stories from the period of Divergent and Four's initiation told from Four's point of view. So no spoilers.

It was interesting to see Four's perspective and how he thinks.

The book itself seemed way too short though because I find Veronica Roth's writing to be very easy to read, so I read her books very quickly. 

I shall be reading the Under the Never Sky series (I don't know the name of the series, so I shall refer to them by the title of the first book) by Veronica Rossi.


Review: Where She Went

This is the sequel to Gayle Forman's If I Stay.

Okay, so I finished it, but again, I will not be rating this book because I feel like I can't even begin to understand the meaning in the words. All I could get was vaguely what was being referred to because as a reader, you have to try to understand Mia and Adam's relationship; (not sure about that semi-colon) what it was, is, and will be. 

Some spoilers below.

Alright, so on my copy, the little quote on the front from a reviewer says "A gorgeous portrayal of rejection and rekindled love."

That right there spoils the book. You know from that that Adam and Mia will get back together because the preview at the end of If I Stay showed how Mia and Adam had gone their separate ways. At least pick a quote that doesn't give the book away. Although, the beauty of a book is not the ending, but the journey to get there.

Basically all I could gather was that Mia was mad at Adam for "making" her stay. That's why …

Review: Ruins

So, I finally got my hands on a copy of Ruins, the third and I believe last book (but don't quote me on that) in the Partials Sequence by Dan Wells. I didn't have any new books for about a month and now I have a stack of books piled on my desk waiting to be read, so there will be more posts to come.

Next I will be reading Where She Went, sequel to If I Stay, then the Under the Never Sky series/books and Four: A Divergent Collection. The order on the last two might change, we'll see.

I thought Tyler or Amanda had done a review but I can't seem to find it....

My rating: 8.5 / 10

Well, I was planning to brush up on Partials and Fragments to refresh my memory before I read Ruins. The only problem is that I don't have my own copies of Partials and Fragments yet since I borrowed them from Tyler. There isn't a Wiki page made to summarize them and I didn't make any quick summaries on my review posts. So I basically started reading and had to try to remember everything…