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Books in 2014 (Part 2)

Hey all you bookish people, MechEngie here with the promised Part-2 to my 2014 adventures! 

With the tree down, the decorations in the attic, large family-based seasonal festivities drawn to a close, and my butt back on Campus, that means it's time to list every single book I've read in 2014!

This includes quite literally everything - novellas, school books, you name it. If it's in book format and I read it cover to cover, it's here. Also, the books are listed in no particular order. I could probably arrange them into the order I read them, but that would take too much time and effort. 

Rereads are marked with a "Re:' before the title. 
If it's a sequel, its series is named after it, as well as which installment it is.

Following the title is my rating of the book, if applicable. Please note that my rating scale is *very* different from what other people do. I don't use a linear 5 or 10-start system thing. Bumping a book from an 8 to a 9 takes much more impr…

Books in 2014 (Part 1)


Yeah guys. 

Chill. I wasn't dead. I was on break. 

Anyway, 2014 has been a really incredible year book-wise for me, and this post is here to serve as a part one to a post highlighting my reading adventures! There won't be any spoilers that aren't already found on back-of-the-book descriptions, so feel free to keep on reading! 

This post will serve as highlighted-highlights (or something), telling you what stuck out to me the most in my book-based adventures of 2014, whereas part 2 (coming in a few days) will give you a full on list of every book I read this year and what I thought of them in a brief spoiler-free paragraph. 

So, without further ado...

2014 started with The Darkest Minds - A book I knew just about jack diddly squat about when I bought it. I was glad I bought it though, because it quickly became one of my favorite books of the year.
Shortly after that, The Severed Tower taught me that there is quite literally a Tartaru…