Books in 2014 (Part 1)


Yeah guys. 

Chill. I wasn't dead. I was on break. 

Anyway, 2014 has been a really incredible year book-wise for me, and this post is here to serve as a part one to a post highlighting my reading adventures! There won't be any spoilers that aren't already found on back-of-the-book descriptions, so feel free to keep on reading! 

This post will serve as highlighted-highlights (or something), telling you what stuck out to me the most in my book-based adventures of 2014, whereas part 2 (coming in a few days) will give you a full on list of every book I read this year and what I thought of them in a brief spoiler-free paragraph. 

So, without further ado...

2014 started with The Darkest Minds - A book I knew just about jack diddly squat about when I bought it. I was glad I bought it though, because it quickly became one of my favorite books of the year.
Shortly after that, The Severed Tower taught me that there is quite literally a Tartarus for feels, a complete and utter ruining upon your feels that happens so fast you can't even react to it. Quintana of Charyn backed that up by having one of the most emotionally-endearing endings I've ever read, without somehow being overly cliche because absolutely everyone and their mother knew that ending had to happen eventually. The latter two were the first two books I've ever given a perfect rating to - and if you know me, you know that's a VERY hard feat to accomplish. A single slip up (example: Being every so slightly confusing) is enough to drop the score to a 9 for me. Into the Still Blue proved to be an amazing ending to a series that started out really awkwardly, and also showed that the first book isn't always the best one. SYLO and STORM are about as close to an anime-in-book-form as you can get - the story just has that feel that makes it seem like it would a really good TV show, and some of the completely over-the-top action scenes only confirm that. 

Much to my happiness, I got delivered an ARC of Valley of Fires, which once again showed that the first book is not always the best - Valley of Fires got an 11, surpassing it's predecessor The Severed Tower. It was easily my favorite book of the year, even though it was just an ARC and some scenes (as confirmed by the author) are different in the final version. I have said final version, but I'll be reading it (along with the entire series) this summer, most likely. 

Following the trend of ending a series with a bang, Never Fade and In the Afterlight were both good sequels, with the latter providing a satisfying conclusion to the dark and disturbing series that is Darkest Minds.

The 5th Wave sported itself as being the perfect example of why whoever wrote the book-flap synopsis needs to be fired because that flap info means absolutely nothing. But it was still good, guys!

City of Fallen Angels exists as proof that book-goers are much to quick to judge and should seriously keep on reading the series, because while it itself wasn't as good as any other Cassandra Clare book, the following two - City of Lost Souls  and City of Heavenly Fire - were amazing and enticing, and not at all as awkward and all over the place as City of Fallen Angels. 

The stuff mentioned above is just off the top of my head and is most definitely not everything I read this year. There's more, much more, all of which will be in Part 2! So yeah!


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