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Broken Heartstrings and Paper Clip Rings...

"I’ve been searching a long time for something I think I lost.
I felt like I found something when I saw you back there."

Alas, I have finished the Legend trilogy, and my review for Champion is being uploaded onto my computer right now.

Overall, this series earns a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Impressive storyline, perfect details...

and characters I fell deeply in love with.

Goodbye, June.

Goodbye, Day.

Long live the Republic.













The library finally delivered!!!

Looking for Alaska by John Green
City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare
I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore
The Selection by Kiera Cass
Paper Towns by John Green



45 Books Read

According to my Goodreads, I've read 47 books because it counted The Son of Sobek as a book and Ender's Game, but I really only read half of Ender's Game before giving up and reading the basic summary of the book on Wikipedia.

Long story short:

Yesterday I came up here to my grandma's to help decorate and I brought The Book Thief with me to read during the periods of rest I would take since I am sick.

Well, I finished the book yesterday since I got feeling really bad and was resting for the rest of the day.

Which meant I had no other books with me.

I spent the night and am still here, and I pillaged my grandma's books for something to read.

I just finished reading Sea Star: Orphan of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry.

I also read Mary Poppins today.

Mary Poppins was 217 pages and Sea Star was 172.

So, not counting The Son of Sobek or Ender's Game, I have read 45 books this whole year so far.



I Just Finished The Book Thief

5 out of 5 stars.

Review coming soon.


This ALWAYS Happens to Me

I don't think there's been a break from school where I haven't gotten sick.

Which means, that at this very moment:

And all day I've been like:

Oh sickness.

I have a very sore throat :(

And my whole body is tired and achy.


Despite this annoyance, I'd like to take a moment to say how thankful I am for Tyler, my fantastic boyfriend.

Who, despite me being oh-so-cranky last night, comforted me so gently.

I love you, Tyler :') Thank you for being so patient~ Alright, guys. Back to reading and recovering. ~Amanda

My Thoughts on The Book Thief Thus Far


I am currently 260 some pages into the book...I am really liking it.

At some points it's a bit slow, but I know it's not supposed to be an upbeat, quick-paced, action book.

Death is the one telling it for goodness' sake.

So, yes, I am really enjoying it. I am eager to finish it :)


Allegiant: First Impression

~ No Spoilers~

Normally I'd only do a 'First Impression' post for the first book of a new series or for a stand-alone book, but I'd figured I do one for Allegiant because I have a few minutes to spare, and I know several people are waiting eagerly for my opinion on the book.

So here it is.

Somehow in the midst of my currently extremely busy life I found time to read the first hundred pages of Allegiant; the first fifty in the post-midnight hours of night and the second fifty when I woke up earlier than I wanted to because my dog doesn't how to shove a sock her goddy mouth.

Moving on: It took me about ten pages to actually get into the book, but most of that was getting used to the writing style after reading upwards 700 pages of Marie Lu with nothing in between. But once I was properly adjusted...

... I legitimately don't even know what to say other than the fact I don't want to put this book down until I finish it.

Which sucks because I have a brutal headac…

Book Review: Champion

WARNING:THE FOLLOWING POST CONTAINS SPOILERS. It's a goddy review post, what did you expect?

You and I will probably never get the chance to meet. But I know you. You have taught me about all the good things in life, and why I've fought for my family all these years. I hope for great things for your own loved ones, that they can go through life without suffering the way mine have.  The Colonies have much to offer you. Their ships are now in our skies. It will not be long before you see Colonies banners flying above your children's schools and over your homes. People of the Republic, I have one final message for you, before you and I say farewell to each other.  The Republic is weak and broken. But this is still your country. Fight for it. This is your home, not theirs.

I don't even know how to describe the last hundred or so pages of this book. Not accurately, anyway. You know how a book spends its entier plot building up to one key climax, which is usually like a single ch…



The ending:


P.S. 4 out of 5 stars :)



I Am So, So Sorry :(

Sorry for my lack of posting on this blog for 10 days.

Here we go.

Okay, lemme just give a quick update on me:

I just finished Prodigy yesterday.

I WILL upload my vlog later today, I promise.

And I WILL TRY to do my vlogs for HoH and Legend over next week, which is Thanksgiving break.

My goal is to read 50 books before the end of this year.

Which means, by December 31st at midnight, I must read approx. 10 more books.

Now, I say approximately because on my Goodreads (which is where all of the books I have read toward my goal and my goal is displayed), that I have read 42 out of 50 books.

This is technically not true, considering 2 of the 42 of the books on there are Ender's Game and The Son of Sobek.

The reason I'm unsure whether or not to count these is because I DIDN'T finish Ender's Game; I read half of it and just could not get into it, so I gave up and read the summary of the book on Wikipedia. So yes, I know how the book ends. I wasn't super impressed.


I Saw That Reference

"goddy arrogant trot"

Yeah. The power of books has caused Tyler to start using the slang from Legend.

So, I'm currently rereading books until I have enough money to buy the Looking for Alaska, Angelfall, World After, and The Fall of Five that are sitting in my Amazon cart. Right now I'm on the second book in the Trylle trilogy, Torn. Not the best series I've read, but it's pretty good.
I'm waiting, as you all are, on Amanda's official reviews of Legend and HoH (I think, I'm not quite sure). Tyler is still reading Champion and I'm waiting for that feelsplosion. Legend is an awesome series, so if you haven't read it, I highly recommend it!


Anime Reaction: Archer [Fate/Zero]

~Contains light spoilers for Fate/Zero and Death Note~

Normally I would rant about anime to people who cared. Or people that actually knew what the bloody heck I'm even talking about. But in this case, I just need to vent. And since I'm venting on a book blog, that must mean something.

Anyway, Fate/Zero is more or less like Hunger Games, with less dystopian governments and not as much silly names. In place of those is magic and even sillier names.

Every sixty years, the Holy Grail, which in the context of the show, seems to be at least partially intelligent or conscious, chooses seven 'Masters' to hold a war. The winner gets a wish granted. Each Master is, more often than not, an experienced mage. When chosen to take part in the 'Grail Wars', the Masters summon beings called 'Servants', which are basically heroes and legends of old with super powers and silly names. The Servants fall under a number of classes, to which they are referred to as if their c…

Champion Reaction and Review

So, since Champion is the third book in the Legend series, if you are reading this you either have read Prodigy or you don't plan to read the series, in which case, you should seriously reconsider giving this series a chance because it was AMAZING.

I say this because I will be also talking about some of the things that were in Prodigy. Of course, there will be spoilers present.

"What can I say, I’m a writer — I enjoy forcing pain and suffering on my characters!"-Marie Lu in an interview with Entertainment Weekly

My rating: 8 / 10

I said it last night and I'll say it again. MARIE LU, WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!?!?

A summary: 

Ok, so the book begins a few months after the ending of Prodigy. Day and June are not together after the break-up-ish thing at the end of Prodigy and June still doesn't know that Day is dying. June is one of Anden's Princeps Elect and Day is living with Eden and Lucy, a caretaker assigned to help take care of Eden, as Day is now dying. Th…

I. Just. Finished. Champion. (No Spoilers)

Just. Finished. Champion.
The last 50 pages or so, I could not stop making strangled noises. OH. MY. GOSH.
Marie Lu, why would you do this to me?!?!?
There were so many feels. This book was the one of the closest I have ever gotten to crying about, behind TFioS.
UIFHDICJNJSBXIWI shall post a full reaction and review tomorrow morning once I process all the feels.  ~Jasmine

Reaction: Prodigy pages 151-252

WARNING! The following post contains SPOILERS! If you didn't know that, you might need your eyes checked. 

As this is the first legit Reaction Post I've ever made, here's what's going to happen: I'm going to blurt out my feels. That's it.

... What.


Normally when I read books, I expect that some sort of exponential curve can be plotted over how good they get from start finish. That is, they start of kind of slow to set things up and draw you, while progressively getting better and better until it ends.

Prodigy's graph is like a diode.

For the first hundred pages, it was more talking and planning more than anything. That's not saying it wasn't good (because, let's face it: I don't think Marie Lu can write a bad book), but it just wasn't as good as I would have liked it to be, and frankly, I we getting kind of bored with all the talking and stuff. 

And then. 

This happened. 

***Warning: Feels ahead***

I can't exactly decide if I l…