Books in 2014 (Part 2)

Hey all you bookish people, MechEngie here with the promised Part-2 to my 2014 adventures! 

With the tree down, the decorations in the attic, large family-based seasonal festivities drawn to a close, and my butt back on Campus, that means it's time to list every single book I've read in 2014!

This includes quite literally everything - novellas, school books, you name it. If it's in book format and I read it cover to cover, it's here. Also, the books are listed in no particular order. I could probably arrange them into the order I read them, but that would take too much time and effort. 

Rereads are marked with a "Re:' before the title. 
If it's a sequel, its series is named after it, as well as which installment it is.

Following the title is my rating of the book, if applicable. Please note that my rating scale is *very* different from what other people do. I don't use a linear 5 or 10-start system thing. Bumping a book from an 8 to a 9 takes much more improvement than bumping from a 7 to 8, and any one mistake is enough to make the book not a perfect score. 

To give you a little key:
6 and under: Varying degrees of awful. 7 is usually my floor rating. 
7: It was meh. 
8: It was good, but not the best. 
9: Will definitely recommend to friends, really freaking good, I loved it. 
10: Perfection in book form. 

Naturally, if something has a .5 after its number it means it's between the two - like a 7.5 means it was between meh and good. 8.5 means it was good, but not REALLY good, and 9.5 is pretty much there was one or two small things keeping it from that illusive 10. 

Some ratings have reasons why after them, too! And stuff!

And now... in no particular order, BOOKS!

BZRK: Reloaded [BZRK #2](8)
Froi of the Exiles [Lumatere #2](9)
STORM [SYLO #2] (9)
The Severed Tower [Conquered Earth #2] (10)
The 5th Wave [5th Wave #1] (8) {Main issue here was the POV-switching. It was confusing for a good half the book}
Re: City of Bones [Mortal Instruments #1] (9)
Re: Darkest Minds [Darkest Minds #1] (10) {increased rating because no confusion this time around!}
City of Fallen Angels [Mortal Instruments #4] (7.5)
Shadow and Bone [Grisha #1] (8)
Damned [Crusade #2] (9)
Re: Dangerous Days of Daniel X [Daniel X #1] (7.5) {Read this because insomnia happened it was there. So camped it in one sitting lol)
If I Stay [If I Stay #1] (8.5)
Quintana of Charyn [Lumatere #3] (10)
Never Fade [Darkest Minds #2] (9.5) {Was confused for the first few chapters - but other than that, it was amazing}
Re: City of Ashes [Mortal Instruments #2] (8.5)
City of Heavenly Fire [Mortal Instruments #6] (9.5)
Into the Still Blue [Never Sky #3] (9)
Vanquished [Crusade #3] (8.5)
Throne of Glass [Throne of Glass #1] (9)
Re: City of Glass [Mortal Instruments #3] (9.5)
Ruins [Partials #3] (9)
Re: Never Fade [Darkest Minds #2] (10) {No more confusion = Happy MechEngie]
BZRK: Apocalypse [BZRK #3] (9)
The Revenge of Seven [Lorien Legacies #5] (9)
The True History of Chocolate [N/A] (N/A) {School}
Resist [Breathe #2] (7.5)
Blood Red Road [Blood Red Road #1] (8)
Russian Roulette: The Story of an Assassin [Alex Rider #10] (9.5) 
Finnikin of the Rock [Lumatere #1] (8.5)
Life Before Legend [Legend #.5] (N/A) {Novella}
Four [Divergent #4] (9) {Honestly a good look at Four's life before Allegiant made him the most annoying thing ever.}
Sword Art Online 1 [SAO #1] (9)
The Enemy [Enemy #1] (9) {What's plot armor}
Re: The Fault in Our Stars (9)
Cinder [Lunar Chronicles #1] (9)
City of Lost Souls [Mortal Instruments #5] (8.5)
Valley of Fires [Conquered Earth #3] (11) {ARC} {BEST THING EVER}
In the Afterlight [Darkest Minds #3] (9)
SYLO [SYLO #1] (9)
The Darkest Minds [Darkest Minds #1] (9.5)
Re: Dualed [Dualed #1] (9) {Because it's short.}
Divided [Dualed #2] (9) 
California Driver's Handbook [N/A] (30 dead pedestrians / 10) {L2Drive me}

SO YEAH. That's the result of me dumping out my book jar, mixing around the papers, then opening them one by one and writing them down! Obviously, that's not in order of how I read them, but that's all the stuff I read this year! Hurray!


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