Review: Never Fade

Okay, just finished Never Fade. Spoilers present.

No lying, the two books of the trilogy so far have been soooo good!

My rating: 10 / 10

That's my first 10 / 10 rating. This book was amazing. Amazing.

Basic Summary:

Ruby is with the League. She's on the same Op team as Vida, Nico, and Jude. She meets Cole, Liam's older brother, who needs them to find Liam who accidentally took Cole's jacket that had a very important flash drive in it. Ruby works with Cole to plan her escape with Jude on an Op and they go off to try to find Liam. Vida catches up to them twice. They find Chubs, who isn't dead, hiding out by Liam's old house. The kids get caught by a phony Slip Kid called Knox and are brought into his "East River." There, they find Liam, who has pneumonia or something. The group fights and basically overthrows Knox. They plan a supply run based on information that Cate sent to Vida over the Chatter. Ruby almost gets captured and is saved by Liam, who isn't as sick anymore because of the medicine that the other kids were able to get to the camp. Ruby, Chubs, Liam, Vida, and Jude move on and go camping. Liam is conflicted about Ruby because he loves her but doesn't know why because she took his memories, not his feelings. Vida gets a Chatter message from a supposed Cate, telling them to meet her before going to California to give her the flash drive. Clancy, who also isn't dead, was actually the one communicating with them on the Chatter and the kids meet in an old Dairy Queen. A tense standoff and set-up follow, and the group forces Clancy to come with them to HQ to save the other League kids from being used as bombs. Once inside HQ, Clancy gets away and the kids find Nico, who tells them that Cate and Cole are coming to save them. Ruby finds Clancy and Cole reveals himself as a secret Red. The good PSF guys take back HQ from the bad PSFs, whose leader's name I cannot remember. Then the tv comes on to show the Unity Summit and the president is shot by a crazed kid. HQ gets bombed and the good guys have to evacuate. Once they get outside, Ruby discovers Jude missing. Liam and Chubs go back inside and only bring back his compass. Clancy turns up alive again and reveals that he wiped his mother's memory and burned her research to prevent the cure for IAAN from getting out. Then Ruby pulls papers out of her jacket and says "You mean these papers?"

Okay, so there were major holes in that summary, but if you read the book, you know what I'm talking about.

Liam/Liam and Ruby. I knew it would come down to Liam knowing that he loved Ruby but not being able to remember why. The exact same thing happened in another book series that I've read, but that didn't stop me from having a fangirl breakdown. Okay, not a breakdown, almost. Then he remembers why he loves her and becomes the old Liam again. Then he gets mad at Ruby towards the end because she was going to go with Cole to fix the world because he didn't believe Cole. And then HQ gets bombed and old Liam is back. I still ship it like FedEx.

Jude. I just knew something was going to happen to him. I just thought it was going to happen like right at the beginning of the book. At the end was even worse. I loved his character development though. We actually got to see him grow up and become more confident and brave, only to have him die on us. WHY? Why, Alexandra Bracken?

Vida. I didn't like her in the first part of the book when her and Ruby were still on the same League team. Then, when the group goes out on their own, I really liked her. She is so, I don't know, I'm not sure blunt is the right word...but she is and it's funny. Yet, she also understands Ruby and her thoughts without Ruby explicitly voicing them. She did have that whole tough girl persona, but it was great to see the real Vida when she had deep conversations with Ruby.

Chubs. So glad he's alive. I know he was the practically the doctor for all the injured people, I just wish he was a little more involved like Jude, who was talked about all the time. He refuses to leave Liam or Ruby, and he keeps them together, even when Ruby wants to go off and do something else. 

Vida and Chubs. I can see a ship on the horizon.

Clancy. I didn't think it was possible for me to hate him anymore than I did after Darkest Minds. I was wrong. He's such a stupid kid. Destroying his mom's research just so he could keep his powers. Tricking Ruby and the group into going into HQ. Get out of here.

Cole. I'm not too sure how I feel about Cole. On one hand, he's a secret Red who is part of the few people outside the normal age range of kids with IAAN. He's good but I want to know what happened between him and Liam. 

10 / 10. Not joking.



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