City of Bones Movie

Oh. My. Gosh. I saw the City of Bones movie today. It's based off Cassandra Clare's book City of Bones, for those of you who might not know. It was AMAZING! It was a pretty good adaptation and even had a few book quotes in it. I was watching it and I think I was smiling most of the time (even in the serious parts) because:

1) I finally got to go see it.

2) It was so AMAZING! (I don't know if I mentioned that already...haha)

3) It was close to what happened in the book, with only a few things different.

Unfortunately, the movie so far has not made as much money as expected, so the sequel may be in danger...but it was such a good movie, I don't understand why it isn't doing well. I went with my mom's friend, who wanted to read the book but hadn't yet and she said it was a really good movie. Go see the movie, people!

And the Catching Fire trailer was one of the previews! I was jumping up and down in my's different to see it online and then to see it in a movie theater. 

Yeah....okay, that's all I got for now...oh, I am currently rereading Divergent and Insurgent in preparation for Allegiant's release in October...even though I won't get my copy until November because Amazon is grouping House of Hades, Allegiant, and Champion, which is the last to be released on November November, yeah.

Alright, now I'm done :)



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