It's Beautiful!

So, I just got back from picking up my Infernal Devices books from my friend's house. I got them at the beginning of summer as a congratulatory gift to myself for completing my first year of college (a thinly veiled excuse to buy them haha). I read them in three weeks and then my friend asked to borrow them...she had them for two and a half months. And didn't finish them. 

What. How is that even possible? There's only three books. And they're SO good!

Anyway, as soon as I was in my car with them, I was talking to them:

"Oh my gosh, they're so beautiful." 
"They're still as good as new." 
"I missed you guys."
*At stoplight, looking at them in the passenger seat* "Oh my gosh, I missed you guys."

Yeah....and then I got home and ran upstairs to put them on my bookshelf next to my Maze Runner books. (My Nancy Drew books are now sitting on the floor of my room, bookshelfless.) They're so pretty, and shiny, and amazing. They were gone for so long, it's like getting new books that I have read already!

*Me looking at them on the bookshelf*

I'm so glad that they are back home!

By the way, if you haven't read TMI (The Mortal Instruments) or TID (The Infernal Devices), I recommend them!



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