Kissing Summer 2013 Goodbye

Well...this is it.

Today is my last day of summer.

My first day of Senior year is tomorrow.

I'm not sad that summer is over...I'm embracing it. But this summer was just so amazing...I feel so rested and ready for school, and that's a major win, because last year was just so BRUTAL.

I took two AP classes last year (AP US History and AP Composition) and I was put into Pre-Calculus.

Now, I've ALWAYS been TERRIBLE at math. I claim that I'm dyslexic with numbers and in love with words.

English has ALWAYS been my best subject; I have received several big awards for my English skills throughout my school career. I received an award for English last year and it was a huge honor since I was one out of 2,000+ chosen.

I absolutely loved AP Composition; my teacher and I already knew each other and we're practically best friends. I got a 5 on the AP Comp Exam (a 5 is the highest you can get on any AP Exam) and she took me out for Starbucks.

See, AP Comp wasn't what made Junior year hard.

What made Junior year hard was AP US History and Pre-Calculus.

I wanted to love APUSH (AP US History). I really did.

But my teacher did NOT teach.

He's amazing and sweet and kind, but his class consisted of nothing but typing up 20+ pages of notes a night and...that was it.

We were told that if we wanted to pass his class, we needed to memorize the textbook.


It was awful.

I struggled long and hard in that class.

Many times my laptop would be stupid and my 20+ pages of notes which took me 3-4 hours to complete would vanish.

I labored, man. I labored hard.

But, thank and praise God, I ended that class with an A.

I seriously could not contain my happiness.

I HATED that class. I celebrated so hard after Junior year ended because I no longer had to be in APUSH.

I got a 3 on the APUSH Exam, which is a passing grade.

I don't care. I thought 100% that I was going to get a 2 and fail the exam LOL XD

The best parts of my Junior year were Marine Biology and AP Composition. Pre-Calculus was another nightmare that I had to deal with in addition to APUSH. I ended Pre-Calc with a C...and I was happy because that's a passing grade.

I struggled the most in Pre-Calc. I loathe math with a burning passion.

So this year, I'm only taking 5 classes instead of the usual 6. So I will be at school from 7:55 to 2:00 every day~

I am taking:
Finite Mathematics
AP Gov/Regular Econ (Government and Economics)
AVID (my 4th year now)
AP Literature (SO EXCITED)

And that's that. :)

In addition to my classes, I will be looking into getting a job, filling out college apps, trying to find scholarships to apply for, and doing my Catechism and Bible Study.

I'm really looking forward to this year. I know it'll I gotta make the most of it.

But I want to highlight why this summer was so awesome. Because yeah, it was relaxing and I feel ready for this year, but I did so much this summer.

I went to Pepperdine for a week because I was accepted into this seminar called YCS (Youth Citizenship Seminar) which is very exclusive and only for high school juniors. It was awesome.

I went to Iowa, Medieval Times, Knott's, Soak City, the beach, Minnesota (for RYS, a huge youth group convention for high schoolers), visited CBU (Cal Baptist University), saw my boyfriend a lot, met my boyfriend's amazing friends (Jasmine!!), made a ton of memories, and just had an awesome, kick-butt summer.

I have many major things coming; a lot of important decisions to make. But I know God is WAY ahead of me, and all I need to do is trust Him.

So yeah.

Much love to you, Summer of 2013.



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