What's Going On!!??

Hi guys :)

So, let me give a little update about time and space and peoples.

So yesterday I finished Angelfall and gave it to Tyler to read, who planned to kill it (read it all) today. However, I just saw his status on Facebook and his post on here that he had insomnia last night
:( Boo...That stinks.

Last night he, me, his older brother, and our host Chinese student went out for ice-cream, chatting, and laughing...it was a wonderful time :) However, when I got home, I went for a run...and had to SPRINT back due to TERRIBLE stomach pains.

See, I have an ADDICTION to milk.

Chocolate milk to be specific, but I just love milk itself. However, I have ALWAYS had a very sensitive stomach (I prefer the word 'tummy,' but that's not important XD). I have to be very careful about what I eat, and I have to take pills to control my stomach acid and I have to watch dairy consumption. I have not had ice-cream in a VERY long time...and after what happened last night, I don't think I'll be having it for another very long time.

I start school next Wednesday....I really need to start going to bed early and getting up early...and I need to wrap up my summer on a wonderful note :3

I have plans to have Tyler over next Tuesday the day before school starts. We'll be discussing school, books (of course), life, Angelfall, and just random Tymanda stuff :)

He and Jasmine are going to be starting their sophomore year in college very soon...I have my Senior year in high school, which I am actually quite excited about. I want to show my love and appreciation to the awesome, amazing, and wonderful teachers I made friends with throughout my 4 years at CHS...I'll miss them dearly.

Ahhh...life. Life goes so fast. o.O

This summer was the best I've had in forever...it went by so fast and was so amazing. I feel like I accomplished and did so much, and didn't waste my time lounging around too much. I feel refreshed for this school year, which is REALLY good considering last year (my Junior year) was the most brutal year of school I've ever been through. It was over 9000 on the stress level.

But, it is now over, and I am on my way to college apps, prom for the first time, grad night, celebrating, and graduation <3

On my way to breaking out into the world >:)

Keep reading my friends :) Keep enjoying life. Keep smiling. Keep loving.

Stay boss.



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