Maze Runner series!!! SPOILERS BELOW!!

Again, I caution anyone who hasn't read the above books as this post will contain spoilers....okay then, let's get started.

Maze Runner was a little slow for me, but that was only because we knew as much as Thomas knew...which was next to nothing. It was better as it went along because we learned everything along with Thomas. Scorch Trials and Death Cure was AMAZING! What made me laugh was every time the people from WICKED came along and said "Oh, it's okay. The trials are over." and then they went and did another test. Then the kids didn't believe them and the adults were like "Why don't you trust us?" Gee, I wonder why, you only lied to them how many times. Of course they won't believe you! You've given them all trust issues! And, as bad as it may sound, why didn't the WICKED people just send the Immunes to the safe paradise place when the Trials were taking so long? They put Immunes through the Trials, killed off kids meant to start over, just to find one who might be able to help them find a cure. WICKED was working at it for a long time, at some point, didn't they realize that it wasn't working? That they weren't finding their Cure? And Chancellor Paige, how was she the head of WICKED when the group was She ended up saving Thomas and sending all the kids away. And despite the Rat Man's beliefs, (I think it was his, anyway....) that everything WICKED was doing was for the greater good, the end did not justify the means.

Anyway, despite warnings from Amanda, I shipped Thomas and Teresa during my reading of the series. So, all through Scorch Trials, I never believed that Teresa had turned against the Gladers and Thomas. I knew that there would have been some reason why she was doing the things that she was, or at least, I wouldn't let myself believe otherwise. And then Death Cure came along, I was freaking out when Thomas ended up leaving without Teresa and the others. I kept saying that I would go down with my ship. I did, sunk with it to the bottom of the ocean when Teresa pushed Thomas through the Flat Trans to save him from the falling wall. I am still mad at Thomas for just staring at the wall, instead of moving. Teresa died saving him and finally, I think, proved that everything she did was for Thomas. I liked how Thomas also was able to start a new life in the safe place with Brenda, even though I ship Thomas and Teresa. It wasn't ideal, but at least he is somewhat happy.

Kill Order. OH MY GOSH. I had to go to my sister's registration and I was trying to finish the few pages that I had left to read before going. I am still reeling from the ending... I was a little scared to read Kill Order because it is one book that occurs before the other three books, so I wasn't sure what could really happen in one book. It was even more amazing than the other books. The ending was a feelsplosion. 

I knew from the beginning that something bad was going to happen to Mark and Trina. I also had a feeling that Alec would die. Especially since none of them were mentioned in the other books. They died to get Deedee through the Flat Trans, in hopes that she would help find the cure. I suspect Alec crashed the Berg into the building on purpose too, so that no Cranks would go through the Flat Trans too. (I may just be stating the obvious....)

And Deedee....she's Teresa. What. As soon as the two years was mentioned in the epilogue-like thing, I knew, but I was still surprised when it was stated in the last sentence. What.

Wow, it took me a long time to write GIF was distracting me :)
So....those were my thoughts on the series....yep.

~Jasmine (who almost signed off with her admin name)


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