It is just about 2 am on Tuesday morning and I have finished watching all eight Harry Potter movies in 24 hours! I can now cross it off my bucket list...which so far, only had this task on it....but I did it! Sorry Tyler, using the baby meme :)

My mom called me crazy when I told her that I wanted to watch all the movies in one day. I said I was going to do it, and I did. Ha ha! 

I was not able to watch them back to back because of my chauffeur responsibilities (driving my mom and sister to all of their appointments over the summer). My mom's appointment was at 4 pm on Monday, so I had planned to sleep for four hours, wake up at 3 am and watch for about 12 hours, drive to the appointment and then continue when we came back home. After lunch, my mom made me take a nap even though I felt fine, because she didn't want us to get into an accident. Understandably so, but I had a slight headache after taking the nap...I did not like that mandatory nap...

Since my mom's appointment was cancelled, I was not able to finish The Kill Order (prequel to the Maze Runner trilogy) yet because it would interfere with my Harry Potter movie marathon if I read it at home. After tonight, well it's morning now, but I'll probably read it later this evening and then let you all know my thoughts on the series.

Until then....

I have no idea how this relates to any of that, I just wanted to post a funny GIF... 



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