The Fault in Our Stars: First Impression

~This post serves as a place to tell the world about my first impressions of a given book after having read only a small portion of it. There might be light spoilers, but nothing too detrimental to the impact or flow of the plot. After all, I've only read the first few chapters~

The Fault in Our Stars is probably one of the most over-hyped books I've encountered recently. And to put it bluntly, it's not a book I would ever pick out to read if left in a book store with no advice to follow except the questionably moral little voices in side my head. 

But with that said, over-hyped things tend to have a reason to be over-hyped. And with that comes in the inevitable fact that everyone around me that has come in contact with the thing is subsequently unable to shut up about it. 

As stated in several of my other posts, if person A is unable to put a lid on the can of topic B, then topic B must be something bordering on good. 


I mean, we did have that whole Twilight phase. Literally every female I knew back then was reading those bloody things and I couldn't figure out why. Eventually I looked them up and realized that, "Hey! These things are garbage!"

And then somehow some kid wrote a fan fiction about it and it became another book that was a lid-less topic B despite being described as 'mommy porn' by every literate and intelligent individual out there. 

That said, there can be some pretty trashy fads out there. Like Justin Bieber. And Twilight. And live-action Disney Channel shows. 

Seriously Disney. Stop it. See the feedback people are giving on Gravity Falls? See how it got renewed for a second season and how people can't shut up about how good it is? See how it's a cartoon with a plot that still manages to be freakin' hilarious? Learn. 


The Fault in Our Stars is not one of those trashy fads. 

Albeit I'm only two chapters into the thing right now, I can say that this book definitely deserves the hype that it has. The plot isn't even done setting itself up yet and I'm already hooked on this thing. That's like saying you're going to watch a movie and enjoy it while the actors are failing the same scene over and over again to the point the directors are crying. 

It makes no logical sense, but it's still interesting. Saying I'm invested into a book after only two chapters is a pretty far stride in my opinion, as usually it takes a while longer for me to get connected to the characters and have some kind of an interest in the plot. 

As of yet, the only thing that's happened was sob stories, lots of sass, and a movie. 

And I already love it. 

Partially because it feels like the author tore out my internal thought process drivers and fed his book concept through them to get a sass-laden book filled with sass. 

And enchiladas. 

-You Know Who I Am


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