Jasmine's Post About Allegiant

Spoilers for possibly more than Allegiant as I will be comparing to another series. Read at your own risk.

The wave is made of all the tears of fangirls and fanboys.

Allegiant. Where to begin...

Okay, overall, I thought the book was really good.

Now, the whole plot was very similar to that of the Maze Runner series. Think about it. Pretty much the same thing. 

The whole thing with Tobias was starting to get a little old but I kind of get what was going on there. Tobias found out that he was "Genetically Damaged" and not Divergent, but a person who had traits that seemed like those of a Divergent. He had defined himself as a Divergent his whole life, so when he was told that he wasn't, he was confused and has to like figure out who he is if he wasn't Divergent. Still, he sulked....a lot. And Tris said all those things to him to try get him to feel better. Yet he still went out and participated in the attempt to get the death serum. Now, in that part, I think Tris did have a valid point; that Tobias was just doing what he did in Insurgent and not listening to her when she ended up being right. At the same time though, Tris should have believed in or trusted him more than she did. (Even if she ended up being right.)

Caleb and Tris. I'm glad that they sort of made up before...you know. I thought it was extremely sad how Caleb would have gone into the death serum to stop the reset just to escape all the choices he made. It really only made sense for Tris to go in the room instead because she wouldn't allow him to make a sacrifice for that. Not after she learned about sacrifices worth making, like the ones her parents made.

Peter. That little coward. He only went along because it was in his interests. And then he takes the memory serum in an attempt to make himself a better person. He doesn't try to do things differently, because he knows that it wouldn't have been enough, which is also pretty sad. 

Uriah...Tyler totally called it. I also knew that something was going to happen to him, but I didn't want to believe it. And of all things, he was only near the wall when the explosion went off and he ended up with brain damage. :'(

The whole Tori and George thing almost got me and that was just as the group was escaping the city. I was like, "No. No. No. Not Tori. Not Tori!" and then she was dead. And then you find out that George's death was actually faked. And George was expecting her to arrive at the Bureau, but she was already dead. :'(

Ten. I did not like how it seemed like Tris and Tobias were just using each other as a sort of distraction from what was going on. It seemed like when things were difficult and they made up, they would almost go there. (You know what I mean.)

Overall, the ending. Tobias and the memory serum. He was ready to forget everything about Tris like a coward, even though deep down he knew that she would have hated it. I'm glad Christina was able to stop him and that they did end up being good friends. I like how Veronica Roth did have the guts to kill off Tris and at the same time, I hate her because that means that Ten is done. A quote from Veronica Roth as on  http://www.divergentfans.com/profiles/blogs/veronica-roth-speaks-out-on-allegiant-controversial-ending
“I've said before that this ending was always a part of the plan, but one thing I want to make clear is that I didn't choose it to shock anyone, or to upset anyone, or because I’m ruthless with my characters — no, no, no. It’s just before her mother gives up her life that Tris figures out how those identities fit together, combining selflessness and bravery and love for her family and love for her faction all together under one umbrella: Divergent. It’s a moment of triumph followed by a moment of total devastation, when Natalie dies so that Tris can escape. She was still struggling with her beliefs about selflessness — but this time, she was wondering whether Caleb, when he volunteered to go on the one-way mission to the Weapons Lab, was motivated by love or guilt. She struggled with whether it was ethical to let Caleb’s sacrifice happen throughout the rest of the book. At the end, she had a conversation with David where she told him her beliefs about sacrifice that it should come from love, strength, and necessity. That was a Tris who knew what she believed about selflessness. Who knew who she was? Who knew what she wanted to do.”
 And in that way, I accept Tris' death but still, no more Ten....

I must now go and process some more.



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