Amanda's Short Halloween Story

Okay...I wrote this for Writer's Club at school...for the Halloween short story contest we had at our meeting today.

I won.



The candy bar lurked silently among the other elaborately colored and crinkly-wrapped sweets. This chocolaty piece of delicious indulgence looked ordinary enough, with the exception of a magnetizing and alluring aura, which pulled many a child into a trance, as well as bestowed upon them a burning desire for that one candy bar. This candy bar had a mysterious history that was completely unknown by anyone; no-one expected a piece of sugary deliciousness to be a source of evil. However, every Halloween, this candy bar has reincarnated itself from the stomachs of its victims, and returned to its permanent spot within a bin of candy at the same store year after year. This Halloween was no exception, and the candy bar was once again hungry; it was once again a predator waiting in expectation for its prey. And, once again, the candy bar’s patience paid off. A little girl dressed as a princess, accompanied by her mother, was wandering through the candy section, seeking out a sweet for her personal enjoyment since her mother did not want her to participate in the trick-or-treating that occurred after dark. The child skipped, her wide brown eyes full of innocence, humming contently to herself as she sought out a candy. The candy bar tensed, filling with a sinister eagerness as the girl skipped up to the bin that it dwelt in. She stood on her sparkly pink tiptoes to look into the bin, and began to rummage through the candies. The candy bar immediately went into over-drive, making absolutely certain that it would be the one chosen by the little girl. Its wrapper shone with brilliance, its chocolate fragrance heightened into an aroma of pure perfection, and its enticing aura grew even stronger. The little girl took notice of this transformation at once, and succumbed to the candy bar’s spell within seconds. Her eyes now glazed over, she robotically reached for the candy bar, which seethed with wild glee. She walked zombie-like back to her mother, quietly imploring for the candy bar with a wheedling, begging tone. Her mother smiled and agreed, and purchased her groceries, along with the suspicious candy bar. The little girl quickly took the candy bar back before her mother could take the grocery bag, and cradled the sweet to her chest as if it were the most precious possession in the world. She and her mother ventured out into the parking lot, and clambered into the car, the little girl making it difficult for her mother to put her into her car seat since she refused to release the candy. All the way home, the girl sat, stone-faced, as the candy worked its black magic over her, keeping her from consuming it until she out of her mother’s sight. The mother pulled the car into the driveway ten minutes later, which felt like an eternity to the candy bar, and helped the little girl out of her car seat. She walked calmly into her home, and headed straight for her room. Once inside, she closed the door and sat upon the floor, staring intently at the candy bar, which had her completely captivated. Bracing itself for the brief discomfort of being devoured, the candy bar instructed her silently to eat. Obediently, the girl took hold of the candy bar’s wrapper and tore it off, letting it flutter to the floor. Piece by piece, bite by bite, the little girl consumed the candy bar, enjoying its rich flavor. As soon as the girl had eaten the last bit of the candy bar and had licked her lips, the candy bar began its revenge…it began to eat her. Slowly, the candy bar began to dissolve and distribute its remains upon the girl’s stomach lining. The traces of it in her throat choked her and began to eat away at her esophagus. The little girl’s eyes widened and she attempted to scream, but she was utterly silenced. Within the hour, the candy bar had eaten the girl from the inside out, and nothing was left except her frilly pink princess dress.

A short time later, the girl’s mother entered the bedroom, looking for her daughter. Her search was in vain. The little girl was never seen again.

Nor was the candy bar. It was quietly waiting, once again, back within the candy bin, its form fully reassembled, its hunger currently satisfied, and its next prey within its sights.


Happy Halloween!



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