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So, in continuing the barrage of House of Hades posts, my copy has not yet arrived. As some of you readers may remember, my Amazon order consisted of House of Hades, Allegiant, and Champion, all of which have different release dates. The delivery of House of Hades would have been delayed until the release of Champion in early November, but Amazon decided to send HoH by itself and it should be arriving as early as Friday!  Yay! This is very good news! It seems as though I will be the last author on the blog to read it, as Amanda has lent her copy to Tyler this weekend. When I get mine, I shall read it very quickly, especially since this coming week consists of two midterms, meaning that I won't have to study for tests and I will hopefully have less homework. It is very hard to write this at the moment because for some reason the little blinking line that tells you where you're typing is not showing up...but I am on a role, so I will forge on!  Yeah, so Allegiant comes out on Tuesday! I'm excited for that, but unless Amazon decides to be particularly nice and groups it with my HoH, I won't get it until November.

 Soon, HoH. Soon.

I got Tyler to read Legend, but due to the life on engies, he has not finished it yet, as of Friday anyway. Yeah, so Legend, Prodigy, and Champion comprise a trilogy written by Marie Lu. Champion is coming out November 5th, I can't wait to find out who the champion is! (And other things that I shall not mention because Tyler has not yet found out these things...)

I think the last post I made mentioned that I was rereading Prodigy to prepare for the release of Champion....and well, I still haven't finished it...yeah. Well, in my defense, I've been sick and was actually going to sleep early in order to get better faster and you can't really read when you're asleep. The only time I really have to read is before I go to bed, or on the weekends because I stay up late. Every other time I'm either doing homework, eating, sleeping, or driving from school to my house or from my house to school. Commuter engie life.

I do also want to reread Catching Fire before the movie release on November 22nd, but if I take longer than I'm planning to take to read all these other books, I shall read it later. AHH! Catching Fire! Have you seen all the stills/set photos/character posters? I WANT THIS MOVIE NOW.  Oh yeah, on the topic of movies, Ender's Game is going to be released in two weeks! Ah, the blinking line is back! Thank you blinking line for returning!


Ok, going to stop there because I'm hungry and I need to go downstairs to get food.

~A Hungry Jasmine (Wait, when am I not hungry?)


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