Engie Life: What Makes Me Like Books

I think a post like this has been needed for a long time. I got around spewing about how good books are, yet you don't know *why* I think that. So, this post highlights what I like in a good book (and I don't like). Naturally, all this is subject to my opinion.

What I *do* like:
- A good plot
- Characters I can relate to
- Comedy. 
- Characters I can cheer for
- Unique plot devices
- Depth to the plot/characters
- A good range of aforementioned characters
- An antagonist with a legit motive
- Not *too* much left to the imagination, but not drowning in description, either
- Action/violence
- Suspense
- Plot elements that keep me thinking and guessing

What I *don't* like:
- Overly graphic scenes. Doesn't matter what kind of graphic we're talking about. See the 'Not *too* much...' line above. 
- Lame antagonists
- Lame endings
- Blatant overuse of foul language
- Not having a character I can love to hate
- Being overly cliche

What I really don't care about:
- Love triangles
- language

... Huh. That's about it, I guess. No wonder it's really hard to find a book I won't enjoy at least some aspects of. XD

- Pfft. Civils. 


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