Definitions, Future Plans, and a Glimpse into the Life of an Engie Book Nerd

~ This post contains no spoilers ~

Hey, what's up guys!? This is the only male author of this blog, coming to you from the depths of a college apartment! Charming, right?

This post is here because I've noticed I've been putting things everyone reading this should know in the posts that contain spoilers. As some people are highly sensitive to spoilers and would rather not read those posts just to see what I'm currently reading, I'll do a recap here. Along with that, I'll give a heads-up on what you can expect just by reading the title of one of my posts. At the end, I'll even tell you what's up with my life and where I'm expecting myself to be going in the near future.

Alright, first off: My titles.
If you've seen my recent posts, you may have noticed how they have 'reaction' or 'review' in them. Those are two entirely different things. There's also more types of posts I have planned but haven't used yet, so I'll put those here too.

Reaction Post: [Book Title] [Part/Chapter]
- These posts will, more so then reviews, be spilled through my raw, biased opinion and a whole slaughtering of spoilers. This posts are mainly a way for me to vent me feelings about a certain event that struck me enough to warrant the need to vent about it.

Review Post: [Book Title]
- These will be reviews, and will contain spoilers. Obviously. I'll only make these posts upon completion of a book, and generally they will be a lot longer than reaction posts. In these posts, I'll look at key plot elements, characters, the writing style - anything that made me like or dislike the book that's worth mentioning. At the end, I'll give a score that's entirely based on my opinion, as well as recap the entire post below that for those people that don't have time to read walls of text. Note: These posts will *not* by plot-recaps. That, by my definition, is not a review. If you want a recap of the plot, google it. I'm assuming that if you read these posts, you've already read the book (and therefore know the plot) or just don't care about being spoiled.

First Impression: [Book Title]
- These posts will just be short heads-up on what I expect initially from the book I'm currently reading after going through the first few chapters. These one may or may not contain spoilers, so you'll be informed of such on a case-by-case basis. Just look for the 'WARNING! The following post contains spoilers!' thing at the top.

Rant: [Book Subject/Character/Anything]
- If something in a book ticks me so hard and it can't fit into a reaction post, it'll end up here... Where I'll hammer upon it with my impressive level of sass until I feel good about myself again. ... Obvious spoilers.

Those are only the book-themed posts. I'll still make other posts about non-book things if I find the time and inspiration to do so.


Book plans for the future:

Those of you that read my Book Thief post in its entirety know that I'm reading Legend. I should be able to make a First Impressions post about it tomorrow when I've read more than the first two chapters, but that's not 100%-certain.

What happens after that? ... It looks like this (though not necessarily in this order).

Those are the only definite reads in the near future. Naturally, I'll be getting more books for Christmas. Ideally, I'll have finished these ones up before then. 

Those loyal to this blog will have known that all three of us authors have been screaming about the former two of those books for months. And I'll pull the logic I that got me into Book Thief here, too:

If someone can't seem to shut up about something, chances are it's good. 

So given all three of us can't seem to find the volume control when confronted about Greeks or Divergents, it's no surprise those are on my to-read list. 

World After, too. We're reading this series before it goes viral. Believe me: It will. 

The Fault in Our Stars. 

Curious case, this one. Like The Book Thief, this isn't a book I'd typically read. Although, it seems that over the past year or so, various book-pages on Facebook have been unable to shut up about it, and now I'm the only one who pens this blog that hasn't read it. Following that totally biased logic, it's probably good. So I'll check it out. 

UNLIKE Book Thief, though, I've actually heard of John Green before and actually loosely looked in to reading Looking for Alaska sometime at the end of my Senior Year in high school. ... Then life happened and I forgot about it. Go figure. 

Well, enough about books (blasphemy, right?). Time to take a look into my little sliver of existence called life. 

First off: The term 'Engie'. I've been throwing that around a lot and haven't ever explained where it came from or what it means. Of course, one could guess 'Engineer' based on previous context. The term 'Engie', though, is a reference to this Texan freak: 

The Engineer, from Team Fortress 2. For those who don't know, TF2 is a comically-hilarious first-person shooter that involves a lot of teamwork, organic matter flying everywhere, and a decent amount of stupidity. It's more or less a pick-up-and-play game, and to be honest I don't think I'd play it alone much, but playing it with my brother is certainly one of the highlighting definitions of 'fun' in my dictionary. That said, I did play the game quite a lot in the past half-a-year we've had it and it was great fun. And in that game, the Engineer's short-hand name is Engie. So I am an Engie... kind of. 

You see, us Engie Students like to glorify ourselves by removing the 'Students' part of that title so we're just left with the 'Engie' part. "What type of Engineer are you?" "Civil." "... Go stand over there. With your bridges." 

Yep. That's how some conversations actually go. But no one ever asked 'What type of Engineering STUDENT are you'. It's degrading or something. 

So alas, Engie we are. 

And that entails work. Or at least the not-Engie version of it. 

Oh the joys of homework. 

And tests. 

Am I the only one that walks around like this for the days leading up an exam? 

And then I kill the exam because I'm good like that, and then I'm like this until the next one rolls around: 

You know, walking around in a daze because you broke your brain on that last question, but at the same time you're really happy because you survived the dang thing? And you also want a potato because test-taking is strenuous on the stomach?

And then the next one rolls around and you're all: 

So you beat that one, loop back up to the previous level of braindead-ness, repeat several times, and then eventually it happens: Oh turd. It's finals week.

And finals week can only mean one thing! Lots of exams, in a short period of time! 

At this point, you just quit on life and go in your closet and stare at the wall like this. While screaming:

And then someone makes you go to class to face your midterms head on. So you do. 

And you die. 

And then the semester is over. In most cases, it'll end with you on the floor with your limbs at an unsatisfactory distance from your torso after your Finals decided to have you drawn and quartered. 

But hey, the semester is over, right! 

BUT. There's still that week where you're waiting in writhing agony for your exams to be graded! It's PERFECT!

Yep, happens every year. I almost kill myself waiting for one exam to be graded, let alone 4-5 of them. 

And you realize... in the midst of being scattered everywhere by some silly exams, you actually did quite well on them. So well, in fact that it warrants bragging rights to everyone that didn't do as well as you did. NOW YOU CAN AFFORD TO BE HAPPY.

... Somewhat. Because you're home alone and have no fellow Engie [students] to brag to. 

Oh yeah, and the entire process is due to be repeated in the near future. 

And that is the cyclic path of the Engie student. 


I'm watching this at the moment:
^Gurren Lagann^

Without giving to much away for those who may want to watch it later, it's actually really, really good and had me on the edge of my seat almost every episode I've seen thus far. And that's after coming off of this. 

^Attack on Titan^

Comparing the two shows makes about as much sense as the american government, so I won't get into that. Because there's no sense to be found there. 

Also, props to whoever made this:

... And I was just finishing collecting my Feels after The Book Thief scattered them everywhere. Now they're all over the floor again. 

- Kamina4President


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