Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars

WARNINGThe following post contains spoilers!
The contents of this post are entirely in my raw, biased opinion and should therefore be taken with a grain of salt.


Oh my. 

Excuse me while I go crawl over there and never look at life the same way again whilst simultaneously picking up the shredded fragments of my feelings and hopelessly trying to mend them back together to form a single coherent unit. 


Like I said in the First Impressions post for this book, this is not a book I'd typically read. That said, I had almost no expectations going into it initially. Sure, there was enough hype surrounding it to form a second moon, but that doesn't mean I have to expectations of it. 

And then I started reading it. 


Oh. My. Cabbage. 

This book. 

Is probably one of the best things I've ever read. 

What did I like about it?


The characters were easily believable, their development was great... everything. 

In a way, Augustus reminds of Kamina from Gurren Lagann. Same haughty arrogance, same sassy attitude, same tendency to blurt a heart-wrenching pick-me-ups... 

and then he had to go and die. 

It seems to be a recent trend that all my favorite characters die. ... Stop it, Authors. 

But anyway, I really did enjoy this book. While I didn't cry over any part of it, I did come near to it on several occasions. Before you call me heartless, keep in mind that no book or movie or TV show or anything media-made has ever made me cry. But there has been records set. 

The Fault in Our Stars is certainly the book nearest to making me shed a manly tear (for those interested: White House Down wins for the movies, and Fairy Tail for TV shows.)

However, in the case of all three of the mentioned record-holders, I didn't almost cry (almost meaning the tears were RIGHT THERE, but just didn't come) because they were sad. I almost cried because of how beautiful the moment was. 

The pre-funeral scene. That was what did it. Not even the actual funeral scene or the ending. Yes, those were sad. But the pre-funeral scene was what made me almost cry the most. I guess I'm just more susceptible to being effected by that, but that scene was just so well-done... In such a grim moment, Augustus was still cracking jokes and making the small group he'd assembled laugh in the midst of all that pain. He assembled them because he wanted to 'attend his own funeral'. I can't even describe how that scene made me feel, but it wasn't pure sadness... It was that coupled with the beauty of the moment. Or something. The beauty being all the things his friends said, and then what Hazel said, especially. Yeah, I'll stop blubbering now. 



I don't like decimals. 

Where did the other 5 go? Well, I felt that some part of the plot were too rushed. Random week-two week time skips that could have been filled with something to make the greatness of the book last a bit longer, but eh. Not a big deal. 

- I'm Not Okay


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