Amanda's Likes/Dislikes in Books

So, I'm following Tyler's lead and making this post :3

What I *Do* Like In Books:
- A good plot
- Characters I can relate to
- Characters I can cheer for
- Comedy (a sassy character!)
- Unique plot devices (twist endings? Never-saw-that-coming cliffhangers? Riveting moments? YES)
- Depth to the plot/characters (Hi, I'm a girl I'm this old I'm in this place oh I died. The End. = NO)
- A good range of aforementioned characters
- An antagonist with a legit motive (I'm gonna rule da world! >:D I'm gonna keel ur family! = NO)
- Not *too* much left to the imagination, but not drowning in description, either (AMEN)
- Action/violence
- Suspense
- Plot elements that keep me thinking and guessing
-Scenes that make me cry or almost cry
-Romace (as in, a legit couple who legitimately love each other) (for a bad example, see Twilight)

What I *Don't* Like In Books:
- Sex scenes
- Lame antagonists
- Lame endings
- Blatant overuse of foul language (some foul language? Okay, fine, but please let the character who cusses actually have a valid reason to cuss)
- Not having a character I can love to hate
- Being overly cliché
-Useless sentences and descriptions (*cough cough* ALLEGIANT *cough*)
-TOO much romance. To the point it's annoying and unrealistic. (again, see Twilight)

What I'd Really Rather NOT Have But Oh Well It's the Author's Book Not Mine:
- Love triangles
- Foul language
-Gay characters
-Sex scenes (still hate these)


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