Year 2 Engie Adventures, Part 2

Dear heat:

Get lost. We don't want you here anymore. 

DAY 2 was marvelously uneventful yet still somewhat eventful at the same time. I only had two classes today, both of which I mentioned on my last post. The first of those, Calc2, was just... meh. Nothing special. 

I'm going to destroy that class, though. I'll see to that. 

The other class was Statics. Not to be confused with Statistics, Statics is a branch of Physics that may or may not be covered in Physics For Engies 1. Which means, after some brushing up to get the cogs in my brain humming along, this one should be mostly review, in terms of the mathematics portions. Concepts, though, may be a different story. 

Just before I started writing this post, my RA from last year popped into my apartment for a visit. He's really cool, and also a good friend. He was James' RA, too, so we sat around in the living room for a good ten-fifteen minutes just talking about random stuff. He said he'd be all for helping me with Circuits, as according to him that class is one of the tougher ones. I'm not sure if I'll need the help, but the offer is greatly appreciated! He also invited us to his apartment sometime in the future for some Halo. Which if you're a college-age male, chances are you enjoy shooting up aliens. Unless, of course (*hides behind flameshield*), you're one of those CoD fanboys that can't accept the fact that Halo is wonderful. Now, I shouldn't be one to judge given I don't own any games of either franchise, but I have played both, and I do enjoy Halo over CoD.

Another great thing that happened today: While I was heading to my room after Calc2, I passed by this event thing that was happening in the main courtyard area. I heard someone shout, 'WHO WANTS FREE MOVIE TICKETS?' My MMO-playing self was all 'Phr33 st00f p10x' and my hand shot up. A minute later I'm poised to play some cup-stacking game thing. I was given a stack of fifteen cups, I'd have to say, and one of them was blue (while the rest were red). These were the plastic stackable ones, so it made a stack about a foot tall. The objective was to remove the bottom cup and put it on the top, and to repeat until your odd-colored cup was on the bottom. There were maybe four others doing this with me, and only one us was able to get the prize. Midway through the stacking thing, I pretty much told my brain to repeat what it had been doing for the past five seconds and shut out all outside input. The result? A cup-stacking transe that made me win a movie ticket. The guy who got second literally finished less than a second after me. I thought he won until the judge guy held my arm up like I'd just won the Hunger Games one of those televised fights or something. But yeah, phr33 st00f obtained. I have no idea what movies are out at the moment with the exception of City of Bones, and I'm the only one in my family that knows what that even is. So... yeah. 

In other news...

- I think I know what I'm doing with the cash I get for selling the aforementioned access code from Physics. More on that if/when it works, because it's big enough to deserve its own post. 

- I finally finished watching the anime 'Sword Art Online'. After shying away from it after the first season due to bad reviews about the second, James indirectly convinced me to finish up the series. I went in hesitantly, expecting the entire thing to suck more than the first Percy Jackson movie, which would be kind of an accomplishment for an anime. A bad accomplishment, at that. I was dead wrong. In fact, I think I enjoyed the second season more than the first season with a few exceptions (Yes, Leafa, I'm looking at you). For one thing, the second part did not have as many random character death and timeskips as the first season. But also, the stakes were a lot lower. What I did notice overall, past all the action scenes, drama scenes, and some even downright disturbing scenes, was Part 2's emphasis on one thing: love. We get to watch Kirito/Kazuto go from a nerdy, socially inept and slightly unstable kid to a walking talking ragemonster by the last few episodes, all while still caring about his friends both inside and outside the VRMMO. The first part did not have that sort of character development. All the development was set to staging that, though, as that's where Asuna, the receiving end of that love, came from. That's one thing I didn't enjoy about Part 2. Not enough Asuna. All her scenes involved her being comatose, talking to the antagonist who achieved Kishin without even being in Soul Eater, or being manhandled by freaky pink slug things. I missed the epic duo fights of Kirito and Asuna against some huge monster thing, but I guess the World Tree raid scene made up for that. That part was pretty cool. While Part 1 had a lot of feels-breaking with making you love a character than killing it off the next time you see it, Part 2 replaced that annoyance with two words:


Recon. THE MOST ANNOYING, useless sack of useless ever. All he does is complain and scream 'Leafa-chan', even outside the gameworld when he's talking to the 'owner', I guess, of the Leafa character in the game. The one time he tried to do something useful he got stuck with a poison dart and almost died. Yet somehow it still worked, and he came back screaming 'Leafa-chan' some more. Annoying little brat. 

- I rant about anime too much. 

- One of my friends is going to be lending me a book in the near future, which I'll be tackling after completion of The Fall of Five. Expect posts on both the books. 

- LEAFA-CHA *shoots Recon* 

-I hate Recon


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