.....I haven't posted in a while.....

Hello book people....hopefully you remember me...okay then.

Tyler will be giving Angelfall today in Calculus, so I will finally find out what that all is about. And remember Tyler when you were laughing at me because I had to wait until November 5th for Champion, Allegiant, and House of Hades? Now I can laugh at you because you will be getting your books at the end of November. And agreed, no one should post anything remotely related to any spoilers of the books coming out this fall, without warning. 

I have finished reading Elegy, the fourth and final book in the Watersong series. It was super long compared to the rest of the books. It was 542 pages and the rest were like 200-300 pages. I think that it could have been a lot shorter, considering that most of it was spent looking for certain people. It was good, though. 

I was rereading Insurgent before I acquired Elegy, so I put Insurgent aside and read Elegy. And it will probably be put aside again so that I can read Angelfall. Then I will finish Insurgent and reread Legend and Prodigy. I have also ordered the book The Spectacular Now, as I saw the movie trailer and I REALLY WANT TO SEE THAT MOVIE! It seems Perks of Being a Wallflower like, so I'll read it. I ordered it on Monday and it just shipped yesterday, which was a day later than the expected shipping date, Amazon seller. So, I'm expecting that sometime next week.

I have had a lot of reading to do and it's only the first week classes. This is the first time I am taking a Christian Studies class. I am in New Testament and we have to read the whole New Testament over the course of the semester. That being said, I have to spent a lot of time reading that and figuring out what's going on and who everybody is. My Statics and Physics classes are going to be kind of similar, my Surveying professor says that the class is going to be one of the easier classes but we spent 25 minutes of the lecture last night talking about sig figs. Totally unnecessary. 

I will post again with my Angelfall reaction, but until then, I am not sure.



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