Book Review: World After

So, I have finished reading World After. It took me more time than it would have normally because finals week made me very tired. Good news though, I am officially on winter break as of yesterday!

My rating: 8 / 10

This is a book review, so if you haven't read or still plan to read World After, you should probably stop reading now.

World After. Where to begin...hmm...

Well, I will admit that I didn't remember much of what happened in Angelfall, besides the fact that Penryn was able to use Raffe's sword, Paige is some freaky experiment thing, and Raffe has demon wings as part of a plot for Uriel to become the Messenger. I had to go through the Angelfall posts to refresh my memory because I wasn't able to find a place that summarized the book.

This is why I reread my books, guys.

In hindsight, I should have reread Angelfall before I read World After but I was so excited to read my new books that I just didn't. The recount below probably has some mistakes in it because I have a terrible memory when it comes to books that I haven't read more than once.

World After begins with Penryn still paralyzed by the scorpion angel's venom. Then she is able to move again, freaking out all the Resistance people because they thought she was dead. Raffe had carried her body to her family, also thinking her to be dead, and had then gone to pursue Beliel, I believe. The Resistance arrives at their new headquarters. Everyone wants Paige to be "put down" because she is viewed as an animal. Some of the people try to capture Paige and hold her down with ropes. Paige goes all crazy and Penryn doesn't rush to help her. Then the camp is attacked by scorpion angels. The man who headed Paige's capture is found dead by Penryn, who notes the chunks of flesh that are missing and the blood on Paige. Penryn doesn't treat Paige like her sister, causing Paige to run away. (I think.)

Penryn and her mother are imprisoned in a police car to supposedly keep the peace at the camp. They are rescued by Clara, the mother that Penryn had helped in the aerie basement, by smashing her glass tube thing. Penryn finds out that her mother had planted trackers from one of her father's inventions inside the yellow starburst that she sews on all of their clothes. They follow Paige with the tracker and eventually are captured and taken to Alcatraz, which now functions as a prison and experiment center. Penryn's sword shows her visions or memories from Angelfall. Penryn discovers that Raffe took a strand of her hair and a white string and entwined them together on the hilt of the sword.

After talking to some of the human guards, Penryn comes up with a plan to try to escape the prison. Penryn also talks to Doc, who knows about Paige. She watches a tape of the night after the aerie attack, with Beliel injured and Paige still the girl from the World Before. Paige and Beliel have a weird understanding of each other because they are both outcasts. Doc says that Paige might have developed Stockholm Syndrome and ran away to follow Beliel.

Penryn leaves and is unable to convince the boat captain to help in the escape, and ends up as one of Uriel's twin trophy girls. She attends a banquet, which Uriel is trying to use to get people to support him as the Messenger. The angels at the party are mostly warriors, and Uriel doesn't predict the fights that ensue after he announces the arrival of Judgement Day with the coming of the biblical scorpion creatures, that he in fact, had created. Penryn sees Raffe but then loses him after the fighting begins. Penryn starts to fight with the angel she calls Burnt, with captured Paige in Angelfall. Raffe is not 100% sure that Penryn is one of Uriel's trophy girls because the girls are made to look like twins and he thought he saw he die during the attack on the old aerie. He has no doubts after Penryn stabs her knife in Burnt' Meanwhile, Raffe is fighting with Beliel, the demon who has Raffe's wings grafted on him. Penryn angers Burnt by then kicking him in the nose and Raffe comes to save her, now sure that this girl is Penryn. Beliel flies away and Penryn and Raffe escape to a beach house.

Penryn and Raffe are all cute at the beach house. Raffe asks about his sword, and Penryn tells him that she had to leave it on the boat before she went to the aerie. Raffe tells her that the sword can be named once by each owner. Penryn had previously and unknowingly named the sword at the Resistance camp when she was joking with Dee and Dum. She called the sword "Pooky Bear" back then, and finds that it has become the name of the sword.


Good job, Penryn.

Eventually, Raffe and Penryn fly back to the boat and retrieve the sword from where Penryn hid it. They find Clara who was unable to go with the Resistance because of how they treated her. Clara's family finds her and Penryn and Raffe leave to go to the aerie to find Beliel and Paige. (I think....) They come to the cliff by the aerie and meet a bunch of angels. There Raffe is able to cut his real wings off of Beliel. Paige is also there and holds hands with Beliel, and then proceeds to attack him. Beliel supposedly dies. Paige also has some kind of connection to the scorpion angels and is able to control them. She calls the flying scorpions to attack the angels who are ready to fight herself, Penryn, and Raffe. Penryn fights Burnt with Pooky Bear, and kills him. Then all of the other angels swords drop to the ground, I guess from the presence of the archangel sword.

In the end, the scorpion angels carry away Beliel's body, with Paige sitting on his body. Raffe carries Penryn and they fly off.

End summary. Sorry it's so long, writing it all out helps me remember what happened and allows for me to process better.

I'm glad that Penryn is able to see that Paige is still her sister even though she has stitches all over. I just wish that she had realized it a little sooner.

Beliel and Paige. Freaky. I know Paige is really nice and all, but being nice to Beliel? And Beliel treating her better than most of the other angels those first few nights after the aerie attack? What? It was weird and sad but kind of nice at the some time because they had someone who was like them. I still don't like Beliel because he has, or had, Raffe's wings.

Part of the reason I gave this book an eight was because I wish that there was a bit more Raffe in it. I was reading and constantly wondering where Raffe was.

I still can't help wondering why Raffe's sword rejected him and went to Penryn. He kind of explained it when they were in the beach house, that the sword was confused by the demon wings, but why was Penryn, a human, allowed to use an archangel sword? Was it because she was important to Raffe?

Like Tyler, I have to admire Susan Ee's gory descriptions. It was stomach-turning and amazing. Most authors don't describe chunks of flesh and crowds of angels peppered with humans.



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