I Am So, So Sorry :(

Sorry for my lack of posting on this blog for 10 days.

Here we go.

Okay, lemme just give a quick update on me:

I just finished Prodigy yesterday.

I WILL upload my vlog later today, I promise.

And I WILL TRY to do my vlogs for HoH and Legend over next week, which is Thanksgiving break.

My goal is to read 50 books before the end of this year.

Which means, by December 31st at midnight, I must read approx. 10 more books.

Now, I say approximately because on my Goodreads (which is where all of the books I have read toward my goal and my goal is displayed), that I have read 42 out of 50 books.

This is technically not true, considering 2 of the 42 of the books on there are Ender's Game and The Son of Sobek.

The reason I'm unsure whether or not to count these is because I DIDN'T finish Ender's Game; I read half of it and just could not get into it, so I gave up and read the summary of the book on Wikipedia. So yes, I know how the book ends. I wasn't super impressed.

And The Son of Sobek is a short story, not a book.

So, technically, I've read 40 books and not 42.

But thank you, Goodreads, for making me feel more accomplished x)

So, the 10 books I plan to read before December 31st to fulfill my goal of 50 books is (tentatively):

1. Champion
2. City of Ashes
3. City of Glass
4. Watership Down
5. The Selection
6. World After
7. Looking for Alaska

Any other book I suddenly decide I will read/can get my hands on.

I dunno.



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