Allegiant: First Impression

~ No Spoilers~

Normally I'd only do a 'First Impression' post for the first book of a new series or for a stand-alone book, but I'd figured I do one for Allegiant because I have a few minutes to spare, and I know several people are waiting eagerly for my opinion on the book.

So here it is.

Somehow in the midst of my currently extremely busy life I found time to read the first hundred pages of Allegiant; the first fifty in the post-midnight hours of night and the second fifty when I woke up earlier than I wanted to because my dog doesn't how to shove a sock her goddy mouth.

Moving on: It took me about ten pages to actually get into the book, but most of that was getting used to the writing style after reading upwards 700 pages of Marie Lu with nothing in between. But once I was properly adjusted...

... I legitimately don't even know what to say other than the fact I don't want to put this book down until I finish it.

Which sucks because I have a brutal headache right now (so reading is painful) and I'm heading off to run some errands with Dad in a bit and then seeing Catching Fire at 4, after which my entire family is going to ransack our household and make it look pretty in preparation for Thanksgiving. After that I'm going to finish my Calculus...


I want to read more.

- Superbusy Engie


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