Anime Reaction: Archer [Fate/Zero]

~Contains light spoilers for Fate/Zero and Death Note~

Normally I would rant about anime to people who cared. Or people that actually knew what the bloody heck I'm even talking about. But in this case, I just need to vent. And since I'm venting on a book blog, that must mean something.

Anyway, Fate/Zero is more or less like Hunger Games, with less dystopian governments and not as much silly names. In place of those is magic and even sillier names.

Every sixty years, the Holy Grail, which in the context of the show, seems to be at least partially intelligent or conscious, chooses seven 'Masters' to hold a war. The winner gets a wish granted. Each Master is, more often than not, an experienced mage. When chosen to take part in the 'Grail Wars', the Masters summon beings called 'Servants', which are basically heroes and legends of old with super powers and silly names. The Servants fall under a number of classes, to which they are referred to as if their class type is their name.

in Fate/Zero, we have...



and Archer.

So far this show has done a wonderful job of developing its characters and plot, to the point where there's something about practically every character I like.

Aside from Archer.

I think somewhere he forgot that he's a Servant. He goes around blabbing unceasingly about how everything in the world belongs to him and then berating anyone that says otherwise, including his Master. ... Which he has completely subjugated. If were his Master, I'd use a Command Seal and order to him stop being such a goddy arrogant trot, because sooner or later someone is going to off him for it.

This guy has a bigger god complex than Light Yagami from Death Note. I didn't even know that was possible. I mean, Light said multiple times: 'I WILL BE THE GOD OF THIS NEW WORLD. HERR HAA DURP.' And then people died.

Archer just exists and people die from the inability to punch him in the face.

Seriously. Every time is glowing golden behind shows itself I want to perform multiple illegalities upon it.

I don't think I've ever disliked a single anime character this much. Ever.

Book characters, yes. *waves at Captain Thomas*

Anime? No. Not until now.

- Can Someone Kill Archer Please


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