Seaweed Brain

Hi everyone!!

As you may have already seen, my boyfriend has obtained my password and now has access to this blog! :) He can write posts and do as he wishes as a co-author/partner on this blog! YAY!

Also, you may have already noticed a couple of things about Tyler:
1. He's hilarious.
2. Yes, I call him Seaweed Brain. (We both love Percy Jackson. And yes, he calls me Wise Girl.)
3. His posts are probably going to be WAY more interesting than mine.
4. He reads a lot. A. lot.
5. He's amazingly awesome and he will entertain you all. Enjoy him! :)

As he mentioned: He's really, really, REALLY camera-shy. To an extreme.

So that's why he'll appear on vlogs with me! :)

I hope you all will enjoy this blog/vlog and will discover new books and authors to read and follow!

You're all amazing. :)


P.S. Another thing about Tyler is that he's super smart.

He found a font setting to type in, so his posts won't be in girly handwriting style.

I applaud.


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