Review: Through the Ever Night

Second book in the Under the Never Sky series by Veronica Rossi. It was better than the first.

My rating: 8.5 / 10

Spoilers below.

The book begins with Aria going back to the Tides with Perry. Aria is planning to get Marked, only to find out part of the way through that Gray had poisoned the ink. Aria and Roar end up leaving the compound quietly to go get Liv and find out the location of Still Blue. Liv ends up dead and Sable and Hess are choosing some of their people to be evacuated to Still Blue. Perry accepts help from people that Sable sent, only to have them take Cinder to help the evacuees get through the wall of Aether that blocks Still Blue. Roar and Twig go to the Horns to get Cinder back. Aria and Perry go to Reverie to break out the people that Hess left behind. The Reverie refugees are brought back to the Tides, and it seems that there will hopefully be cooperation between the groups. Perry and Aria realize that Still Blue is located somewhere at sea and finally face the Tides together.

Firstly, I was very annoyed at how easily Perry was able to even consider that Roar and Aria might have run off to be together. They might both be Auds, but Roar was crazy about Liv. Although, now that Liv's dead, I hope that things between Perry and Roar will go back to normal. 

I was surprised that Soren apologized to Aria for what happened that night in Ag 6, although he also blamed DLS. I feel somewhat bad for Soren because his father left him in the Reverie to suffocate. He's the bad guy who's not so bad after all....hopefully. 

Talon was also rescued and he's healthy, for what I hope will be the rest of his life. He's the last bit of actual family that Perry has and he seems to have a connection of some sort to Soren.

I feel so badly for Roar. He had Liv right there and they were about to escape (unfortunately, Aria took too long trying to watch Hess and Sable's recorded meeting on her smarteye) only to have Sable shoot her. 

One thing that better not happen in Into the Still Blue is a love triangle between Aria, Perry, and Roar. I don't think it will, but it really better not. 



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