Review: The Throne of Fire

This will be a short review, my copy of City of Heavenly Fire is finally coming today and I want to prepare myself.

So, review of The Throne of Fire, the second book in the Kane Chronicles. Spoilers below. 

My rating: 8.5 / 10

Most importantly, when Ra was in the throne room with the other gods, he said, "Fish, cookie, weasel." We know from the previous pages, that "Weasel" refers to Walt, who has a sort of family curse that causes certain generations to die young (ex: King Tut). Now, the only possible person I could think of that might be referred to as "Fish," is Percy Jackson. I don't know who "Cookie" might be, though. 

I knew from the moment it was mentioned that Desjardins was the first most powerful magician and Vladamir Menshikov was the third, that Amos was the second. And now because Desjardins is dead from execrating Apophis, Amos is the Chief Lector. 

Bes. They better find a way to fix him.

Walt and Sadie. Their whole thing going on kind of reminds me of another story...hopefully it doesn't have the same ending. 

Carter and Zia. Ugh. Of course, Zia doesn't remember everything between them. I want this ship to happen but hopefully everyone survives long enough.

I already have The Serpent's Shadow, but City of Heavenly Fire will take priority.



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