Review: City of Heavenly Fire

Finished the monster of a book that is 725 pages long, also known as City of Heavenly Fire. By the Angel, IT WAS AMAZING. 

Throughout my entire reading of the book, I was gasping, mumbling, raging, or near tears. Only Cassandra Clare, man.

My rating: 10 / 10

Below are spoilers for the entire The Mortal Instruments series and The Infernal Devices series.

This is going to be quite a long post. Just a heads up. There's a lot to say.

So, from the spoilers that were released before CoHF came out, we knew that six characters we knew by name were going to die. I believe the six are as follows: Jordan, Rufus, Raphael, Maureen, Sebastian/Jonathan and one more person who I can't remember although I know I counted six before I wrote this...of course, plenty of people died. I don't think the Endarkened count though, as they weren't considered Shadowhunters anymore. 

*Just to clarify, when I use Sebastian, I mean the evil son of Lilith. When I use Jonathan, I mean the brother that Clary would have had if he didn't have demon blood.*

So, at the end of Clockwork Princess, Tessa has been meeting Brother Zachariah on Blackfriar's Bridge in January every year. In 2008, Tessa sees the Jem is no longer a Silent Brother. In CoHF, it is revealed just how Jem was turned back and healed. When the Shadowhunters go to the Citadel where the Iron Sisters are to fight the supposed 20 Endarkened that Sebastian has there, Jace is fighting and loses control of the heavenly fire. Brother Zachariah goes to help him, only to be injured (not sure if that's quite right) by the heavenly fire. After the battle, both were taken back of Idris to be healed. The heavenly fire is what allowed Brother Zachariah to turn back to Jem, a healthy Jem. And Jem still loves Tessa after all these years. Aww. Sorry, but I ship Jessa just a bit more than Wessa.

We also learn that Clary's childhood protections normally given to Shadowhunter children in a ceremony performed by an Iron Sister and a Silent Brother, was administered by Brother Zachariah and Tessa, because Jocelyn didn't want to go to the Clave. The name the Jocelyn chose to take on instead of Morgenstern, Fray, was a mix of Fairchild and Gray, Tessa's last name.

Clary. I really liked Clary in this book because she is realizing just how much she affects the Dark War. She's not the same girl who had to be saved in the first few books. Clary realizes how much the rest of the group needs her and how she has become an important part of it. I knew she was setting up Sebastian when she said she would join him and rule Edom. She was able to get some of the heavenly fire from when Jace lost control into the smaller Morgenstern sword she got earlier and used it to stab Sebastian when he wanted her to kiss him. *shudder* More on that later.

Jace. Same demon-killing, impulsive Jace from the previous books. Although, he was exceptionally stupid when he went to take the skepter from the Jonathan Shadowhunter statue in the tomb or shrine in Edom. Of course it's a trap. You're in a place where demons are, taking a weapon like that will make them very mad. He was very sweet at the end when he was telling Clary how he liked the Jace that he had become because of her. Tessa gave Clary the Herondale family ring to give to Jace, who believed there wasn't one in existence. The ring had belonged to Tessa's son, James Herondale (son of Will Herondale, named after Jem).

Simon. Aw, Simon. Simon was probably my favorite character in this book. I'm so glad he was able to come to Idris with Raphael because Sizzy. He was accepted as an official part of the group when he traveled with them to Edom. He saved Izzy's life after that fight with the demons when Jace took the skepter. He gave up his immortality and vampire-ness and memories to the demon Asmodeus (who we find out is Magnus's father) so that Asmodeus would get them back to Idris. Everyone gets back from Edom, but Simon is back living his normal mortal life and remembers nothing of the Shadowhunter world. To me, that was worse than Simon being dead, like Izzy said when she was talking to Clary. It is against the Law to tell a mortal of the Shadowhunter world if their life is not in danger, but when Clary goes with Izzy and Magnus to see if he remembers anything, he gives Clary a flyer for his band, The Mortal Instruments. Izzy and Magnus realize that Simon remembers something, and tells him a bit, enough that he begins to remember more. At the end of the book, he seems to be back with Izzy, even though he doesn't remember everything.

Izzy. I really liked Izzy in this book, too. She was more vulnerable because the world seemed to be falling apart. She finally broke and blurted out that Robert had cheated on Maryse. She was very sad when Simon wasn't able to come with the Shadowhunters to Idris. Although, I wish that she allowed Simon to tell her that he loved her when he was going to. She stopped him on two different occasions, at least. (Just let him tell you, darn it! There was a very big chance that one of you would die in Edom.)

Alec. He wasn't the old Alec. He was taking chances in battle, making the first move, and speaking out. It was a nice change. 

Magnus. Oh, Magnus. He was going to give up his immortality for the rest of the group so they could get out of Edom. I'm very glad that he didn't, because if he had, all the years he lived would have come back to him all at once and he would have died. 

Sebastian/Jonathan. Okay, when he went to Amatis's house, where Clary was staying, to try to get her to come to his side, he was just plain creepy. He was like about to molest or rape Clary and was luckily interrupted by Jace. Sebastian thought in his twisted mind that wanting Clary was the same as loving Clary. *shudder* Once Clary stabbed Sebastian with the Morgenstern sword that had heavenly fire, the Sebastian part of him burned away, leaving a mortally wounded Jonathan. This is the good Jonathan that would have been if he did not have demon blood. I sort of wished that Jonathan survived, so that Clary would have a brother and Jocelyn would have her son. 

Maia. I cannot believe she became the leader of the New York pack. I guess she stepped in to save Bat, who already lost because Rufus drew first blood. She just went and stabbed Rufus's eyes and killed him. Whoa, did not know she had that in her. She also because the werewolf representative on the Council.

Jordan. I had a feeling that Jordan was going to die. I didn't want him to, I mean, he wasn't my favorite character but I didn't have any problems with him. I also wanted him to stay alive so Maia would have somebody.

Emma and Julian. So the introduction of these characters is set-up for The Dark Artifices series, to be released in 2015. Right now, the two are 12 years old and will basically be taking care of Julian's younger siblings back at the Los Angeles Institute, that will be run by Julian's Uncle Arthur. The two have chosen to become parabatai so that they could not be separated, even though Emma knows she has feelings for Julian. It is forbidden for parabatai to fall in love, and that will be part of TDA story. Emma also wanted to go back to the Los Angeles Institute because she wants to find out why her parents were killed instead of Turned and to get revenge. *shakes head* I'm slightly disappointed in you, Emma.

Clace. Well, Clace finally, Edom. I could have done without that but whatever. Jace also mentioned to Clary when they visited the Herondale manor at the end of the book, that one day the two of them might live there. 

Sizzy. I was crushed when Simon gave up his memories and was tearing up when Simon started to remember Izzy. I almost lost it when he recalled something he had said in an earlier book, "You're a heartbreaker, Isabelle Lightwood." I really hope Sizzy stays together, they're my OTP of the series.

Malec. So glad that Malec got back together in this book. And Magnus is finally opening up about his past to Alec. Aww.

Maia and Bat. They had something before Maia started going out with Jordan again and stayed friends when Maia got back together with Jordan. I'm glad they're together now though.

Jocelyn and Luke. They finally had their wedding. Stupid war, getting in the way, delaying their wedding.

Aline and Helen. I was also hoping that both would survive the Dark War so that they could stay together. Helen, because of her faerie blood, was exiled to Wrangel Island to "study the wards" (prove her alliance). Aline ended up going with her. 

 I told you it was going to be long. 



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