Review: Mila 2.0 Renegade

Review for the second book in the Mila 2.0 series (I'm not sure how many books there are going to be...)

My rating: 8 / 10

There will be spoilers.

What?!? You can't end the book by saying that Mila, who used to be more android than human, is now turning more human than android and has two hours before a bomb planted in her abdomen will explode. No. 

Excellent cliffhanger but it's cruel.

So, Mila. I was getting tired of the whole "I don't want to deal with these emotions anymore" thing. She's always talking about how she wants to feel more human and fit in. Then when it's too painful, she decides to allow Quinn, the leader of the Vita Obscura, to "upgrade" her and take away her emotions. Well, you're finally getting what you've always wanted. Lucas finds Mila abandoned in the desert and discovers that Mila's body is generating more human cells. 

Hunter. I always thought that Hunter was just too nice all the time. So when Mila finds the GPS tracker in the wheel well of the Jeep, I was totally on board with the "Hunter is with the Vita Obscura" theory. It made so much sense. Then we find out that Hunter is just that nice. Sorry I doubted you, Hunter. But you have to admit, it was super suspicious. 

This book was kind of like the Legend series, in the way that there doesn't seem to be a clear cut good and bad side. I like it because it keeps you on your toes, but it gets confusing. First the V.O. is bad, then now the government's bad, and now, I don't know who is who because Mila was just abandoned in the desert with a bomb planted inside her.

We also find out that Mila and the other two versions of her were built to look like Sarah, Nicole and Daniel/Jensen's dead daughter. And that pieces of Sarah's brain were used in all three of the Milas. This explains how Mila was getting flashes of these memories from when Sarah was a little girl. 

Eagerly awaiting the next book.



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