Life Update

Time a typical update post on all things MechEngie.

So, what's going on with me?

First off, I finished Quintana of Charyn this afternoon, bumping up my booktotal for this year to 11.

Next up to read is RUINS, by Dan Wells.
Then is RUSSIAN ROULETTE by Anthony Horowitz
And unless something happens, a re-read of CITY OF BONES will follow after that. At that point I'll be alternating between Mortal Instruments and the 'Origin of the Clans' arc in the Warriors series, BZRK: Apocalyse, and Divided, provided I can get my hands on the latter two.

That should hopefully lead right up to vacation week in mid-July, where I'll be mass-reading City of Fallen Angels, Lost Souls, and Heavenly Fire over that week, similar to how I did Infernal Devices.

August sees a projected 'Maze Runner Marathon' before the movie, which will have me rereading all three Maze Runner books and probably Kill Order because Kill Order is amazing.

On the school side of things, the semester has effectively drawn to a head, meaning last homework assignments are being dished out, lab sessions are ending, and the entire school is holding its breath in anticipation for...


At which point, we'll be like

and then walk out of school like

because lol, we have no idea what we just did.

And then the tests get graded, so we're like

(if we passed)


(if we failed)



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