If [Book] Was an Anime...

When I daydream, it's typically about one of three things.

1: The lovechild of my daydreaming and my love to write.
2: Random stuff that makes absolutely no sense.
3: Super-imposing book characters/elements into anime openings.

This post is about that third one.


Part of me really wishes I had the talent to animate all these sequences as I see them in my head, but I'll just have to suffice with saying 'THIS OPENING MATCHING THIS BOOK, GUIZ.' ... I probably got the idea to make this post because I've been on a serious anime binge the past few months.

So yeah. There's obviously only ones for recent books I've read.

'Jiyuu no Tsubasa' (Attack on Titan opening 2) -> Severed Tower

'My Dearest' (Guilty Crown opening 1) -> Finnikin of the Rock

'The Everlasting Guilty Crown' (Guilty Crown opening 2) -> Froi of the Exiles

'Fantasy Mythology' (Future Diary opening 1) -> Darkest Minds

'Dead END' (Future Diary opening 2) -> Never Fade

Aaand that's all for now. The latter two decided to work in my brain because there's a character that's basically Vida with a bomb addiction in Future Diary, which made me think of Darkest Minds, which made me be like, "... Hey... this show's opening fits the moods of the books perfectly..."




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