This book was fun, fast-paced, and full of sass!! (AND CAN WE JUST TAKE A MOMENT TO LOVE ON THIS COVER?)

I found myself sucked into a totally weird story that started with a girl named Harper Jane Price not having any lip gloss on.

It was amazingly original, laugh-inducing, and awww-inspiring!

Meet Harper. She's the student body president, an extra-curricular queen, the Girlfriend of the Best and Most Wanted Boyfriend, Homecoming Queen, and a number of other positions many girls would envy.

Did I mention she has ninja powers?

Harper encounters Mr. Hall, the school's janitor, in the bathroom as she is applying "Salmon Fantasy" to her lips. Not only does she find out that he is not fat, old, ugly, but he's also stabbed and dying. Before he breathes his last, Mr. Hall places his lips over Harper's, and with one blow of air, Harper finds herself endowed with the powers of a Paladin, a sort of knight who stands to defend a noble cause...a place or a person.

Harper is stunned by these powers, particularly after she kills her scimitar-wielding history teacher Dr. DuPont with her pink high heel.

And after she goes all Russian gymnast in her homecoming dress on her fence.

No biggie.

Harper is hilarious, sassy, engaging, and a character I easily fell in love with. Her personality and reaction to things is so realistic, and she is one kick-butt lady.

David Stark is the nerdy boy who works on the newspaper, as well as Harper's nemesis (they've been feuding since they were in diapers, according to Harper). He loves to write articles humiliating Harper (like the one he wrote about her after she puked on Homecoming night) and reminding Harper that he beat her in the sixth grade spelling bee.

He is also the one Harper is supposed to protect.

David is an Oracle, and he's not very popular with the world of Oracles, Mages, and Paladins because he is a boy (Oracles are really only supposed to be girls...such a sexist role).

With people out to kill him, he must have a Paladin to protect him. Mr. Hall was his Paladin until he died. And before he died, he passed on his powers to...Harper.

Things just got complicated.

Gear up for a wild, hilarious ride full of action, romance, and absolute sass!

Analysis of the characters:

Harper. As mentioned above, she's totally awesome and likeable.

David. Who doesn't love the snarky nerdy boy? I squeed when he kissed Harper :3

Ryan. Ugh. He wasn't as bad as Brandon but could you please stop treating Harper like a sex object? I was super happy when they broke up and that Harper realized he wasn't the one for her. And great, now he's the new Mage. Ugghhh.

Brandon. A total disgusting PIG. Bee is worthy of wayyy better.

Bee. The perfect best friend. She totally gets it.

Blythe. WHY didn't you kill her when you had the chance!?

Saylor. Why did she have to die? :'( I liked her...

Things I Want to Mention:

  • Harper had an older sister, Leigh-Anne, who got drunk on Homecoming night and smashed her car into a tree, killing herself and nearly killing her boyfriend.
  • David has visions, and his one of Harper dying on Cotillion night didn't come true.
  • David's parents were murdered by the people who are after him now.
  • Alaric was a male Oracle (eighth century) who performed a ritual upon himself to make his prophecies/visions stronger. The power went to his head, he became an evil monster, and it took over 100 men to kill him. Only two Paladins were left at the end.
  • Alaric also made two Mages, which are not as strong, but do have powers. Mages can cast minor spells to assist the Oracle and the Paladin.
  • The Ephors are the men who took charge of the Oracle.
  • The Ephors keeps the Oracle, Paladin, and Mage in Greece.
  • The Ephors ordered Mr. Hall (Christopher) and Saylor to kill David because he was the next Oracle and he was a boy.
  • Saylor used mind control on David's mother and kidnapped him, but could not bring herself to kill David. She and Mr. Hall vowed to protect him.
  • Blythe tells David and Harper that the Ephors want David to have the ritual performed upon him that Alaric performed on himself.
  • David had a dream that Harper killed him. Will the ritual go to his head like it did to Alaric?

So, we have a cliffhanger. Blythe stole Bee and disappeared to who knows where.

And what's going to happen to David now that this ritual has been successfully performed on him? Will the power go to his head? Will Harper have to sacrifice herself for him?

I can't wait for the sequel!!!

95/100 :)



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