Review: Partials

 Review for Partials by Dan Wells. Spoilers present.

My rating: 9 / 10

So, Partials. I just finished the 468 page book. Oh my gosh. It kept me guessing even though I had my own slight suspicions. 

Kira. I liked her, although she was stubborn at times. She ended up being right in the end, and always fought to prove it to the people who didn't believe her. I liked that about her. Okay, but towards the end of the book, when she gets shot in the hospital, she tells Jayden that she's shot and can't walk. Seriously? Jayden went to help you out because you couldn't walk a few feet and he was killed. Nice one. And she's a Partial but she didn't know she was a Partial and she doesn't breathe out the Lurker/pheromone, so I guess she is a partial Partial.

Marcus. At the beginning, Marcus and Kira was cute and all, but then he was constantly throwing around his marriage proposal. Stop it. It doesn't mean that much if you keep casually asking Kira to marry you. You know what she's going to say already but you keep asking as a way to try to keep her from doing something. I don't like him.

Samm. Woo, Samm! I really like Samm. He's mysterious but hopefully loyal to helping the Partials and humans survive this other enemy. And he's a Partial who does breathe out the Lurker/pheromone that cures RM. He protects and saves Kira too. Just saying.

Haru. I wasn't too sure about him at first, but he was helping capture a Partial, so I thought he wasn't all that bad. Then he starts getting all paranoid about Kira working with Partials. Actually, he was almost right. Still, not letting Kira near Arwen when she said that she had the cure...dude, come on. Arwen was either going to live or die. Whether it was from the RM or the supposed cure, well, it was at least worth the try.

The Senate. I had a little suspicion that they were behind everything....and I was right! Okay, so not everything, as in RM and stuff, but all the weird stuff in East Meadow.

I was quite convinced that Xochi was going to die as the group fought their way into the hospital. I'm very glad that she didn't because I like her too. Arwen Sato is now the youngest living human because the cure that Kira brought from the Partial lab place worked. 

Now....Nandita. I knew something was really up when she hadn't come back from her little "herb hunting" trip or whatever when Kira returned home from her Partial capturing mission, I believe. I thought she had died at first, and then after I found out about the Senate, I thought she was some kind of spy lady or something working for the Voice or with the Partials. She apparently left a hurried note on one of the pictures in Kira's room, telling her to look for the Trust. What?

I'll start Fragments tomorrow. I have a lot to process for now.



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