Review: Hollow City (I will mention when spoilers start)

Review for Hollow City by Ransom Riggs, sequel to Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

I don't believe that I've done a review for Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children because I read it before I starting writing on this blog.

My rating....okay, I can't quite put a rating to this book because it is just that different from anything I've read. This book was interesting and had plot twists and includes creepy, unedited photographs. I really do want the next book, though. Also, in all of the books I've ever read, this series has scared me the most. I would be reading it late at night when I was the only one awake and would be scared to go into the hallway and bathroom because it was dark. Books have never ever done that to me before. 

So, basically, Ransom Riggs has gone around the world and collected all these peculiar old photographs from people all over the place. He was going to publish just the photos, but with the suggestion by his publisher, uses the photos to guide his books. The pages in the back of the book claim that the photographs have only been digitally enhanced for quality but not photoshopped. I'm not sure if I believe that for all of the pictures, but that also freaks me out a bit.

Alright, spoiler part below.

This book picks up where Miss Peregrine's ended. The peculiar children just rescued Miss Peregrine, who's stuck in her bird form, from the wights, and are headed to the mainland to find help to change Miss Peregrine back to her human form. The children reach the mainland and travel for a bit before being chased by wights. They discover a loop, with the help of Miss Peregrine, which is described in their peculiar story book. Inside the loop, the children find out that they have found Miss Wren's loop, the supposedly only other ymbryne that hasn't been captured by the wights. Addison, the peculiar dog, tells the children that Miss Peregrine has been poisoned to keep her in her weaker bird form and that she only has a few more days before all of her human qualities are overtaken by her animal ones, meaning that she'll be stuck as a bird forever. Miss Wren is away trying to rescue the other ymbrynes that have already been captured, to the children go off to find her, as Miss Peregrine needs another ymbryne to help her change back. 
The children travel, met a few wights, got captured and nearly captured, met a few peculiars and people who knew about peculiars. Finally, they reach another loop with a sideshow, where a boy directs them to the building where the ymbrynes have their meetings or something. They find that the entire building is frozen from the inside out. A lady talks to them and introduces herself as Miss Wren and takes them inside the frozen building. Miss Wren says that the captured ymbrynes are not being held in punishment loops, as the children thought, but refuses to tell them where the ymbrynes are being held. Miss Wren goes to help Miss Peregrine and the peculiars living in the building try to recruit the children to fight the wights. Emma tells Jacob that he should go back to his own time when Miss Peregrine returns to her human form because he has a life and family, something that the other children don't. Jacob resolves to leave and falls asleep. In his dreams, his grandfather tells him that the hollows can be controlled if Jacob speaks to them or something. Emma finds him and Miss Peregrine changes back into a human, which turns out to be her evil wight brother, Caul. Caul had signaled his forces when Miss Wren had shown herself and the wights and hollows begin to attack the building. Caul kills the peculiar girl who had frozen the building, causing the ice to melt. The remaining children and Miss Wren are taken to the train station to be sent somewhere. Emma and Jacob are rescued by Addison and Jacob actually controls a hollow before the book ends. 

Okay, so we found out that the wights were experimenting on peculiars to find their souls, confirming an age-old theory. The peculiar souls allow peculiar children to enter the loops, something the hollows could not previously do. According to Caul, this evolution is the wights way of strengthening the peculiar blood, which has been diluted since the beginning when peculiars were giants. Eating the peculiar souls has allowed the hollows to evolve so that they are able to enter loops. We also know that Jacob can not only see and sense hollows, but he can control them.
All of that caught me soooo off guard. Next book. Now.

Emma and Jacob. Please just stay alive and together. Please. 

I know Miss Peregrine probably didn't drown when she was supposedly thrown in the ocean in the first book but since the children ended up rescuing Caul, I hope she's alright.

Okay, this book, though. Seriously, I was scared to go across the hall to the bathroom because it was dark and there might have been wights hiding. I kind of picture wights as looking similar to how grievers from Maze Runner look...except only Jacob can see them. 



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