Book List

Whoa, I have time to make a post! What is this!?!??!

Well, this post is sort of a guide, I guess. It's gonna be all the books I have read, am reading, planning to read, etc. For the immediate future (From now and into Summer) All books listed will have their 'prequel' books listed for those of you looking for a good read and don't know where the first book is. 

Crossed: Completed not-this-year
Green: Completed this year
Blue: In progress
Red: Not started

Purple: Staged for near-future

-Quintana of Charyn
   - Froi of the Exciles
        - Finnikin of the Rock
- Ruins
   - Fragments
        - Partials
- City of Heavenly Fire

   - City of Lost Souls
        - City of Fallen Angels 

           - City of Glass
           - City of Ashes
           - City of Bones
- BZRK: Apocalypse
   - BZRK: Reloaded
        - BZRK
   - SYLO
- Valley of Fires
   - The Severed Tower
        - Midnight City
- The Blood of Olympus

   - The House of Hades
        - The Mark of Athena 

           - The Son of Neptune
           - The Lost Hero
           - The Last Olympian
           - The Battle of the Labyrinth
           - The Titan's Curse
           - The Sea of Monsters
           - The Lightning Thief

- [Darkest Minds 3]
   - Never Fade
        - The Darkest Minds
- Raging Star
   - Rebel Heart
        - Blood Red Road

Yay books!


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