Reading Future, Inspiration, and Breathing

Hey people! I got inspiration to make a post! That means you get to read stuff about me! The stuff I was inspired to form into a post, anyway. 

If you can't read the title, those subjects are reading, inspiration, and breathing. More on the latter later. 

This is something I've half-wanted to put up for a while, but never have I had the time or inspiration to actually do it - until now. 

Here I'm going to list all my current future reading plans as they stand currently, as far into the future as I can go.

Currently reading - The Severed Tower (J. Barton Mitchell)

After that, there's multiple ways this can happen. It all depends on the postal service. 

Either Resist (Sarah Crossan) gets to me first or Never Fade (Alexandra Bracken) gets to me first. If I get them both at the same time, Never Fade gets read first. The one that doesn't get read first will get read second. 

Then there's Murder of Crows (Kevin Kauffmann) and Blood Red Road (Moira Young). Both are on my Kindle, and both were obtained with the intention of reading while doing cardio workouts, which means they will be read at the same time as other books, so no direct placement on these two. It simply depends on time. 

In 6 days, Into the Still Blue by Veronica Rossi releases, at which point it will get imported into my Kindle to be read after the second book mentioned in the paragraph former the one before this. 

February has, without a doubt, one my most anticipated releases of this year: Ruins by Dan Wells. Gonna get that, and READ IT. 

I don't know what time of year it will be when all of the above is completed, but naturally one could assume Blood Red Road and Murder of Crows' sequels to eventually be read (unless they just suck, which based on reviews neither of them do. But I don't judge based on other people's reviews, so yeah). 

May sees the release of Divided (Elsie Chapman) and BZRK: Apocalypse (Michael Grant), both of which I can and will (not really) trample a crowd of children to obtain ASAP. 

City of Heavenly Fire (Cassandra Clare) comes out in May, too, but given I haven't read the two before it yet, this doesn't apply to me. At least not until...

Vacation! The week-and-a-half to two weeks my family takes every year to drive up to our home-away-from-home up in Big Sur is prime reading material. We've been there so many times I can map the place as easily as if I lived there all my life and I still love it there. Last year, though, I did something different: I brought all the books in a series and challenged myself to read all of them while up there. When I came back down from Big Sur I had completed all the Infernal Devices books. I figure I'll do the same thing for the last three Mortal Instruments: Fallen Angels, Lost Souls, and Heavenly Fire. All with the implied 'City of...' prefix, naturally. My plan is to obtain these three books for myself to own before the trip.

If all goes exceedingly well, I also would like to re-read the first three Mortal Instruments, too. Just because I like them that much and it's been over a year since I've read them. I'll need the refresher, to be honest. 

End-of-August blesses us with another sure-to-wreck-feels installment of Lorien Legacies. It is currently untitled, sadly, but I can't wait to get my hands on this.

September delivers Messenger of Fear by Michael Grant. There is VERY little information about this novel, however I did manage to get confirmation that the release date is in September. ... Confirmation I can't seem to find at this moment, but it's there. September 2014, guiz.

October get's domination by Blood of Olympus, naturally. Expect walls of posts around release the date, none directly after it, and then more walls of posts when we've all finished it. ... ... LEO SWORE. </feels>

Those with unlisted release dates are as follows:
Darkest Minds 3
Penryn and the End of Days 3
Valley of Fires (J Barton Mitchel), advertised as 'Fall 2014'


... In a raging fit of irony, I've lost inspiration for this part.



Breathing. It's something I can't do and haven't been able to do for the past week and a half. It's what we like to call being 'sick'. I like to call it my nose forgetting how to nose and my lungs following suit, because it seems just because my nose is stuffed I'm practically always short on breath. Stop sucking, body.

And my throat. Every time I go outside, whatever junk is floating in the air irritates the back of my throat to the point of EXTREME discomfort, basically making me dread going outside for fear of the above paragraph coupled with every pathetic breath being a world of pain in my throat.



- 'Manda put in the book covers! Thank you!
- Re-arranged some stuff and deleted the comment about no covers

- Added 'Ruins' because I'm dumb and forgot it lelelele


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