Sarah Dessen Curiosity

So, throughout my middle school/high school years, I have observed many girls reading books by Sarah Dessen. I have always been vaguely interested, but never really acted upon it.

Now that I am back in my reading swing and have been pondering books to read, those books popped back up in my mind.

So, I did a little research, and found that Sarah Dessen has written 11 books, with her most recent one coming out this month.

So, I think I should finally let my curiosity carry me and check these books out!

Sarah Dessen's Books:

(in order from oldest to most recent)

1. That Summer (224 pages)
2. Someone Like You (281 pages)
3. Keeping the Moon (228 pages)
4. Dreamland (256 pages)
5. This Lullaby (345 pages)
6. The Truth About Forever (400 pages)
7. Just Listen (400 pages)
8. Lock and Key (432 pages)
9. Along for the Ride (432 pages)
10. What Happened to Goodbye (432 pages)
11. The Moon and More (384 pages)

These books have all received high ratings and every girl who was reading them said they were excellent.

So, I'll read these this summer! :)


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