Where I've Been and What's Going On

It's that time of year again! It's hot! It's musty! You sweat without trying to! Everyone avoids going outside unless there's water-based entertainment involved!


Where did u go time

I say 'ish' because, officially, Summer doesn't start for a little under 2 months. But this is California! What's Spring? LET'S ALL MELT IN THE HEAT, GUYS!

But how does that bode for the book-based world of the MechEngie that's writing this post? What does spontaneous combustion upon setting foot outside the threshold of my house mean for BOOKS?

Well, next week is what I'm calling the official start of my Summer. I'm starting then because I have so much happening over the next few days I won't have a chance to sit down and read a lot. 

So what does Summer reading look like for me? The first thing that's going to happen is I'm going to finish the book I've been stuck on for over a month. Blame school for that. 

Once that's done, there's a binge that's just waiting to happen in the form of...

After I finish that, what happens next is more or less up for debate. There's a lot I want to read, and I have no plan on how to go about actually doing it. 

Just to name a few, some of the books that I want to read are (in no particular order)...

Blood of Olympus (lol)
Strike (Sylo 3)
Breaking Sky
Year of the Rat
The Fallen
The Sacrifice

Those are the ones that are going to be read sooner rather than later, hopefully. At some other point in time, I'm going to re-read Midnight City, Severed Tower, and Valley of Fires. You know, because why not?

Crown of Midnight and Heir of Fire are going to be read. Same with 13 Reasons Why and Since You've Been Gone. 

Oh, and let's not forget that something awesome comes out in the next two weeks. 

So yeah, that's happening.



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