Update on Life

It's been a long time since I've posted on this blog. I was afraid for awhile I was going to let it go completely. But I've had it for so long I wanted to keep it going.

My name is Amanda, and I am now a 20 year old college Senior (4th year). I am on summer break, with my Senior year beginning in August. I am engaged to Tyler, my boyfriend who used to write on this blog. We have been engaged since April 9, 2016. We plan on getting married summer 2019. He has graduated college and is working on finding another job, since he quit his last one at Amazon due to terrible hours and health problems.

I am back on a reading streak: I have read 30 books this year so far. I plan to keep writing reviews to inspire both my reading and writing loves.

I was diagnosed with chronic major depressive disorder and anxiety. It has been especially crippling to me this year, and I have been very close to suicide. I am grateful for Tyler, my beloved band of dorks, and my family for supporting me. I have turned to books for comfort as well.

I have quite a list of books I want to accomplish before August arrives. I hope to keep my streak up, and I especially have more reading going on thanks to my jobs allowing for so much reading time. They are very easy summer jobs.

I am taking a summer online course in Biology for credits which starts June 12th. Hopefully it does not take too much time from reading!

Bookishlysweet is still alive and well on Goodreads and Twitter (@bookishlysweet). If you are reading this, please leave a comment. It's nice to know if people are actually reading this blog. Drop me some suggestions on books or tell me if my reviews are good.

Thanks for all the views on here!



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