Maze Runner Movie: Review and Thoughts

Tyler and I went with some friends to see Maze Runner yesterday. Obviously, there will be spoilers below.

So....the movie overall was a pretty good adaptation, but it was just that, an adaptation. The main points of the book were kept, but the details were changed a bit to cater to the people who have not read the book to save time and keep things simple. The Glade and the Maze was as described in the book and the casting was right on.

Details that were not kept:
Thomas and Chuck--didn't get into the relationship as much as the book
Gally--not a traitor, more of a bully towards Thomas, didn't work with the Creators, blamed Thomas for everything changing (instead of Teresa)
Teresa--had two vials of Griever serum with her when she came up from the Box, small part in the movie
Thomas and Teresa--didn't hint at their relationship before the Maze, no mind communication
The Grievers--more spider-like machines than blobs with spikes and metal arms
The Griever hole--not a nearly invisible square over the edge of a cliff, but a tunnel that leads to a door that used the sequence of the sections of the Maze as a code
The message of the Maze--The Maze was pretty much stationary, just opening different sections on different days, so it did not spell out the words needed for the computer code from the book
The end--there were far less survivors of the escape and the kids were rescued and taken away by helicopter instead of a bus

I know, I know. Details. Details. Don't get me wrong, I really did like the movie. It was sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat intense.

I understand why these details were changed, I just wanted to point out the ones I remembered.I wish that Thomas's relationships with Chuck and Teresa were explained more. I thought Teresa was a good choice for Teresa, but she didn't have a big enough role to really confirm it. The whole mind communication was skipped, again for simplicity's sake. The Grievers were more scary in the movie, so that change was good with me. For simplicity and the sake of time, the Maze didn't move and spell out the code words. Also fine because the movie was already almost two hours so having to explain all of that would make it much longer and more confusing to the non-book readers. The rescue in the helicopter at the end allowed for the audience to see the Maze from above and really cement that it was just an experiment. I did like how one of the last parts was Chancellor Paige briefing a room like her report at the end of the book, also saying that part two of the experiment was about to begin.



  1. The Maze Runner is a good film. Well acted, well scripted, gorgeously created and engaging the whole way through. What it lacks in emotional depth it makes up for in excitement and intrigue. I’m looking forward to the next movie.


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